If you thought reviewing last year’s Black Friday strategy was enough to plan for this year’s marketing, buckle up your seatbelt because we’ve got news for you.

Unless you dig into consumer habits and market activities, you’re not going to get a birds-eye view on how to get the most out of the holiday. The time to get a head start on your Black Friday marketing plan is now.

Black November

In case you haven’t noticed, Black Friday deals are beginning increasingly earlier, especially when it comes to the big names. If you’re looking to compete, consider the best route to make that happen.

Don’t drag your business into the red by offering a month-long sale. Your customers know you’re a small business, and they’re looking to support you. Instead, try offering short-term deals leading up to Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Consider offering crazy markdown prices on certain products or services for a few hours each day. Remember Black Friday is important for both your business and your shoppers, so make it worth their while to rush in.

By offering Black Friday steals leading up to the official day, you open the opportunity for customers to grab what they need early, which will help you avoid crazy crowds in your storefront or a crashing website on the actual day of Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Online Over Standing in Line

The 2020 shift to a more digital way of doing business has gifted shoppers a level of convenience that they won’t soon let go of, and for good reason. Because shoppers expect to spend their money from the comfort of their homes, you’ll want to make sure your business is more than ready to accommodate.

  • Double-check that your inventory available online is up to date
  • Prepare your online customer service team
  • Make sure your website speed isn’t dragging
  • Be sure your website is mobile-friendly
  • Offer multiple delivery options at checkout

52% of shoppers say that the delivery speed has greater influence over free and discounted shipping.

Avoid Delivery Dilemmas

Because eCommerce giants offer fast and cheap shipping options, there’s an uncomfortable pause when it comes to how small businesses deliver.

Expediting packages can get costly and cut into your margins but, there’s a way to attempt to finesse the system. By having orders shipped on the same day it’s ordered, you have the opportunity to cut down on shipping by a day or two.

Never make a promise you can’t keep. Late deliveries can cost you customers. In fact, 45% of customers say they are unlikely to continue ordering from a company if it delivers a package late.

If you’re hoping to get your product into customers’ hands quicker:

  • Offer pick-up times for local shoppers
  • Consider pop-up pickups in the area with the most orders
  • Look into affordable flat-rate shipping for heavier items and weighed cost for lighter item
  • Check into discounts to higher shipping volumes
  • Mix and match carriers based on the items or extra services to the most affordable route

Press Record

When working on targeted marketing plans for your various segmented list, be sure to get detailed. Customize marketing with name personalization and include relevant products. Be sure to snag your customers’ attention by including video in your social media posts.

61% of shoppers say watching a video about a product is important to their purchase decision.

Because the need for video is continuing to grow, your business should consider one of these video routes this Black Friday.

  • Product how-to videos
  • Customer reviews videos
  • Influencer reviews videos
  • Entertaining informative videos
  • Branded mini-documentaries
  • Videos on new launches

By implementing these tips, you can plan to have your best holiday shopping season yet. Remember, this is all about keeping your customers engaged, so get ready to pull out all your tricks.