Sure, you know Santa Claus for his long white beard, rosy cheeks and twinkling eyes. But, his most overlooked attribute is his savvy sense of business.

If you think about it, Santa has a lot going on, from keeping the nice list up to date and supervising a workforce of elves to single-handedly delivering toys all around the world. Luckily, jolly old St. Nicholas has joined the digital age and uses Thryv’s end-to-end customer experience platform to make sure Christmas goes off without a hitch.

He’s Making a Contact List and Checking It Twice

While Santa’s customer base might look different than your average small business, managing who makes the naughty or nice list is critical to his Christmas Eve operations.

Kris Kringle used to keep handwritten records, but now he keeps track of every little boy and girl across the globe from the palm of his hand with Thryv. Thankfully for Santa, he can add unlimited contacts to his database.

Santa segments his contacts with custom tags, like “naughty” and “nice.” Custom reports then allow his elves to streamline the toy-making process. Plus, saving documents, like wish lists, in each contact card ensures every child gets the gift they ask for.

Dear Santa, I Want a Better Customer Experience

Things have changed since Mr. Claus got his business off the ground in 280 A.D. Particularly, how he interacts with the children of the world.

Not all letters reach him via snail mail anymore; rather, children opt to email or text him. Being able to manage these digital communications from his Thryv dashboard has certainly improved the customer experience.

Thryv has also allowed the conversation to go both ways. Through automation, Santa can respond to each emailed or texted Christmas list with a personalized thank you note. Santa also sends out reminders to kids that they better not pout and better not cry. One benefit of these emails: more names on the nice list!

Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer, or Did She?

The man in red has a good reputation, but that doesn’t exempt him from bad reviews. He’s still upset about the whole Grandma getting run over by a reindeer misinformation! Unfortunately, due to poor reputation management, the rumor got out of control fast.

Santa doesn’t worry anymore about bad boys or girls giving him a 1-star review. Now he gets a notification as soon as those reviews are posted. His office elves jumping into action to defend his reputation.

Santa also uses email automation to ask for feedback. Analyzing these responses has been critical in preparing to make the next Christmas even better than the last.

Santa Google My Business

Where Are You, Christmas?

As the most popular man during the month of December, Santa’s online presence wasn’t always so jolly. The postal service had difficulty forwarding incorrectly addressed mail and tracking him on Christmas became a logistics nightmare.

But now, thanks to Thryv, Santa’s Google My Business listing, along with 70+ other listings across the web, are consistent and up to date with his website, address and hours of operation. What better customer experience than letting children know exactly when he’ll be coming down their chimney!

Along with his online presence, Santa has also joined social media. (Follow him on twitter @OfficialSanta.) Appearing at a mall or in the Thanksgiving Day Parade is now easy to announce while posting to all his social media sites from his Thryv dashboard.

His favorite part about social media is the interaction he has with believers! Santa can respond to questions and post his daily #CountdowntoChristmas right from his Thryv dashboard.

Don’t Forget the Milk and Cookies!

Unfortunately for Santa, ThryvPay doesn’t accept milk and cookies, but for small businesses, this streamlined payment processing system can take the hassle out of the holidays!

Adopting Thryv has transformed the way Santa Claus approaches this festive time of year. Using this customer experience platform, he has been able to consolidate his contacts, manage his online presence and communicate directly with each and every child.

St. Nick can now be confident that each little boy and girl gets exactly what they want for Christmas, thus rewarding him with the best gift of all, Christmas cheer!