You landed a landscaping job, crushed it and now you’re headed back in the office. You’re confident that you’ve outdone yourself, and while your customer service may have been outstanding, you’re far from done.

When it comes to great customer service, it extends well beyond finishing the job. It’s important to realize early on that following up with your customers is what will set you apart from the competition and keep you in business.

If you’re not following up with your customers, there’s a high chance you’re leaving money on the table. Continuing to reach out to customers is a crucial part of your company’s marketing. If you don’t, how will you learn what pain points there are and where you can improve? Following up is simple and, with the right tools, effortless. Learn how to follow up with customers with these basic best practices.

Run Email Campaigns

One thing people grow tired of is promotional emails. With every new business, product release or sale comes a ton of emails. Do you know what customers don’t receive? A check-up email. Show your customers you’re missing them by sending a “thinking of you” email.

Automate an email campaign to trigger after a set amount of time. Are you a landscaping company? After a month without an appointment, your customer needs a cut. Send a “We miss you” or “It’s been a while” email.

Have a little fun with it. Perhaps your email jokingly asks if a herd of cows came through to take over the yard maintenance. Of course, add a very clear booking button for your customer to schedule their next appointment online — in case the cows didn’t do a great job. 

Request a Review

When you complete a service, the best thing you can do is immediately send out a thank you email that also urges the customer to leave a review. The quicker you send it, the better. Don’t let the woo wear off. 

Requesting a review allows the customer to be heard. If there was anything they didn’t love, by acting promptly, you can turn that 3-star rating into a 5. It also provides your business with the chance to learn exactly what your customer expects.

Again, your landscaping work was beautiful, but one of your workers left tread marks while leaving. Consider that a chance to correct the issue and raise the bar for your company.

Follow Up with Customers on Follow-Ups

Have you noticed that customers leave comments like, I wish I could keep my grass this great between appointments? Use those comments to create content.

Maybe you don’t want to have a regular blog. We get it, that’s a lot of work. Schedule it out on your social media. If your customers aren’t following you on social media, this will give them a reason to.

Tastefully tag them in certain posts. For example: If you’re looking to keep your grass beautiful between treatments, try XYZ. Thanks, Sophia in Tampa for the question. Or you could ask a happy customer if they would allow you to post a photo of their finished lawn. If so, you could tag them there, too, and give them some bragging rights.