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[Podcast] Entrepreneur Puts a Fresh Coat of Paint on a Growing Small Business

[Podcast] Entrepreneur Puts a Fresh Coat of Paint on a Growing Small Business

By | 08.06.19
[Podcast] Entrepreneur Puts a Fresh Coat of Paint on a Growing Small Business

When it comes to home renovations, today’s smash-hit home improvement television shows don’t have the monopoly on creativity and beautiful work.

Small businesses across the U.S. deliver similarly striking end products for homeowners every day.

Affordable Cabinet Refinishing in Scottsdale, Arizona specializes in repainting existing cabinets. These days, homeowners want single, solid colors in their kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms and more. So they’re looking to update builder-grade oak and older, stained cabinets to beautiful new finishes.

In “Winning on Main Street” Episode 6 – Affordable Cabinet Refinishing, we sat down with business owner Randy Artman to hear about what he calls his “infrastructure for growth.” Basically, it’s his vision for growing small businesses like Affordable Cabinet Refinishing rapidly and successfully.

A Sneak Peek

But Randy’s story is a unique one, because he’s not the average entrepreneur.

Affordable Cabinet Refinishing has been in business for about 8 years, but Randy acquired it just last year. In fact, he’s purchased, grown and sold several small businesses in the past 20 years.

And he’s usually working to turn around more than one business at once.

“I look for existing businesses, and what I do is I typically double the business in the first year. I’m on pace to double Affordable Cabinet Refinishing in the first year.”

Tune in to this episode of “Winning on Main Street” to hear more about:

  • The technology and systems needed to enable success
  • How to sell more to existing customers and contacts
  • The importance of document management to clear communication

About “Winning on Main Street”

“Winning on Main Street” isn’t your everyday business podcast. We share stories of real small businesses, not get-rich-quick startups or overnight successes. We talk with relatable, nose-to-the-grindstone business owners about starting and running their businesses.

“Winning on Main Street” is available wherever you love to listen including Apple Podcasts, Google Music, SoundCloud and Stitcher. Tune in to hear from business owners like you in roofing, healthcare, transportation and more.

About Gordon Henry

Thryv Chief Marketing Officer Gordon Henry hosts “Winning on Main Street”. An expert in the tools small businesses use to market themselves, Gordon asks podcast guests about the challenges they face and technology they use to get ahead. Learn more about Gordon.

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You’re the CEO, CFO,
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You’re the CEO, CFO,
and chief custodian...

So a lot goes into running your business. Do it easier.


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