Contributed by Neal Polachek, Founder of ThinkLikeAnApp

We often toss around the word “authentic” like we toss around nickels and dimes. We do this as though, since it’s not a whole quarter, it doesn’t really matter. As a business owner, just tossing around the word “authentic” these days can cost you a lot — a lot more than a few lost coins.


Because today’s consumer isn’t the consumer of 10-20 years ago. It really was easier to be a small, local business years ago. The number of competitors was smaller, the consumer was more trusting, and employees more available.

As the world has become more connected and more digital, consumers have more power than ever before.

In the palm of their hand, they have a device that can show them dozens of options for virtually any product or service they want — and dozens to hundreds of user-generated comments, reviews and ratings on those businesses and services.

And what’s the first “test” for a consumer? Even if they don’t realize it — it’s AUTHENTICITY. So, if you are not authentic, or it’s not showing through when consumers do research about your business, product or service, I promise you are losing opportunity — and money.

So, What Can You Do About It?

The first thing you have to do is identify the values, beliefs and “personality” of your business.  Sometimes this is easy. If you are truly a solo-prenuer, you can pretty much get that your personal values and the business values are the same.

But anytime you have employees, you will need to do some work to ensure that you are truly expressing what matters to you in your business. This requires that you define, document and share your business values.

Triangle of Trust, Neal Polachek, ThinkLikeAnApp, authenticity, how authentic is your businessOnce you’ve done that, you have to do the hard work of having those values embedded in the way your business runs — from your digital presence to your live interactions, all the way through to how you close out a transaction.

Here at ThinkLikeAnApp℠, we’ve been guiding business owners to understand the power of Authenticity as the first leg in our Triangle of Trust.

And we’ve partnered with Thryv because the Thryv suite of technologies supports and empowers the actual implementation of the Triangle of Trust.

Learn How to Use Authenticity

Join us on Tuesday, June 8 for a deeper dive into the details of Authenticity and how to embed it in your business.

During this hour-long session, we will share with you how to use Authenticity to stand out and show up for the customers that you want to have, while avoiding the customers you don’t.

Plus, you’ll learn how to use compelling customer experiences that align with your values to create true differentiation in today’s crowded marketplace.

You can register for your free seat HERE, and you’ll get access to our first training in the series, How to Grow Your Business by Growing Trust.

We look forward to seeing you.

PS: Here’s a short video that dives a little deeper into Authenticity and shares 3 tips for being more genuinely Authentic as you go about your business day.

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