If the G2 Fall 2022 Report were a drink, it’d be the pumpkin spice latte of our dreams. We’re excited to report Thryv has once again been named a Leader in G2’s small business and overall categories.

When looking for software to run their business more efficiently, software users are turning to Thryv again and again. In fact, Thryv has been named a Leader every quarter for three years in a row.

Businesses need multiple solutions to ensure every aspect of their operations is running smoothly, such as:

Operational Features

Local Listings Management: This feature provides a centralized online hub for businesses to manage critical listing information, such as  location(s), hours, website, photos and more.

The platforms that house this information, such as Google, YP.com, Yelp and others, ensure businesses are findable when customers and prospects are looking for them online. G2 ranked Thryv #1 in this category for small business software and #4 overall.

Online Appointment Scheduling: A critical element for every small business, online appointment scheduling give customers a tool to book online. Those appointments are then synced with the business’s calendar.

Ideally, an online appointment scheduler integrates with your business’s customer relationship management (CRM) system so it captures client information and automates appointment reminders. Thryv does just that. G2 ranked Thryv #7 in the small business category and #9 overall.

Payment Processing: As the world moves to digital payments, a high-functioning payment processor becomes more vital for businesses. Thryv’s tool helps businesses accept and track payments from customers. G2 ranked Thryv #7 among small business providers and #8 overall.

CRM: A CRM tool is central to any small business’s software lineup. It houses contact information as well as relevant customer data. It integrates with other tools, such as marketing, payments, scheduling and more. G2 ranked Thryv #14 in the small business category and #16 overall.

Marketing Features

Local Marketing: This tool helps businesses find potential new customers within their geographic region. These tools are often critical in helping businesses improve their online search performance. G2 ranked Thryv #5 for small business software and #9 overall.

Online Reputation Management: This software allows businesses to request, review and respond to online reviews. The tools allow businesses to monitor, combine and analyze their online reviews and reputation. G2 ranked Thryv #7 among small business providers and #5 overall.

Marketing Automation: A major time-saving tool, marketing automation helps small businesses get the word out while tracking which marketing efforts work best. While marketing automation helps with email, social media, digital advertising and more, the top marketing automation tools also provide analytics and analysis. Like Thryv. G2 ranks Thryv #10 for small business software and #12 overall.

Social Media Management: Businesses use this tool to help streamline social media idea development, posting and analysis. Thryv provides a huge library of industry-specific posts to help small businesses create and schedule posts faster and easier. G2 ranked Thryv #11 in the small business category and #15 overall.

What Customers Are Saying

Here’s what verified Thryv users have said about the platform in their G2 reviews over the past few months:

  • “There is nothing to dislike about Thryv. They have a great support team that will help you all the way.” —Eva T., executive assistant, verified Thryv user
  • “I really enjoy being able to schedule in advance my social media posts. They make it extremely easy.” —Nate B., principal consultant, verified Thryv user
  • “Thryv solves every issue a business owner may have; from marketing, client back offices and client information retainment, to even a POS system. I love Thryv.” —Angela L., CEO, verified Thryv user

Small businesses also say Thryv is the Most Implementable, meaning Thryv earned the highest Implementation rating in its category. Thryv gets our clients up and running in the system quickly and effectively.

For more information about Thryv’s G2 reviews and to read what more users have to say about Thryv, please visit our G2 profile.