A recent report from eMarketer.com analyzed the results of surveys conducted by both Ascend2 and Research Underwriters and discovered that quality content is what makes for a successful email marketing campaign.

The surveys targeted Business-to-Business (B2B) and Business-to-Consumer (B2C) marketers worldwide in an attempt to understand the finer points of crafting successful email and other marketing programs as well as how goals are established, met, and measured.

According to the report, over 70 percent of the B2B marketers and more than 60 percent of B2C felt that delivering “relevant and compelling content” that intrigued and attracted customers was the most important aspect of email marketing. By the same token, creating that content was also considered the most challenging aspect of these campaigns.

The eMarketer report found that although “The greatest percentage of marketers still felt challenged to create relevant and compelling content that will really draw in recipients…they believe it really does work at converting consumers.”

Almost half of those surveyed agreed that there are other important factors in play when creating successful, integrated approaches to email marketing campaigns. These include analyzing and using collected data about consumers, and combining email with other marketing strategies.


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