In their latest study Kantar Media, an advertising and marketing research company, found that online advertising spending in Q2 grew by 6.2 percent, which can be attributed to budget increases for financial, retail and local service marketers.

Additionally, digital ad spending in Q2 surpassed overall U.S. advertising spending, which increased just 0.7 percent to a total in spending of $35.6 billion.

Other interesting findings follow:

  • TV media spending increased overall by 5 percent and can be linked to various sporting events:
    • Spanish language TV was up by a whopping 41.5 percent (likely a result of the World Cup)
    • Cable TV spending rose 9.3 percent compared to last year (also due to the World Cup and NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament)
    • Network TV dropped 7.2 percent (fewer March Madness and basketball play-off games shown on network TV this year)
  • FSI (free-standing inserts in magazine or newspapers) expenditures were up by 1.3 percent
  • Print media continued its decline with ad spending for local and national newspapers falling to 9.7 and 15.8 percent respectively
  • Radio advertising was a mixed bag:
    • National radio spots were down 6.2 percent
    • Local radio spots fell 3.6 percent
    • Network radio ad spending increased 5.6 percent


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