We’ve said it once, and we’ll say it again — your customers are the heart of your company. With that being said, you should probably show them some love.

They are the reason you’re in business after all. But, who says you have to wait for national customer appreciation day to show your patrons what they mean to you?

Keep the customer appreciation going all year round with a few easy-to-do practices.

Send Messages

Personal touches are what set small businesses apart from their big-box competitors. When you’re selling merchandise, it’s as simple as tucking a handwritten thank you card into the packaging.

However, it looks a bit different when you’re in a service-based industry, especially while growing your company. That’s when technology works to your benefit.

Set up triggers to send automated messages to your customers after they drop by. While it doesn’t have to be elaborate, we live in the age of one-liners, so heartfelt messages are valued.

Consider setting up general thank-yous with specialized messages after milestone visits. Doing this shows that you care without eating away at your time.

It builds an emotional connection, but also leaves a digital presence on their device that keeps your business at the top of their mind.

Listen and Respond

How often are you really listening to your customers? One of the most productive ways to show customers that you appreciate them is to solve their pain points. A wonderful place to start is your company’s online reviews.

Reviews are where your customers share the good and not-so-shining parts they’ve experienced with your company.

  • If your reviews are scarce, that can be a problem. Did you know that 92% of consumers check out reviews before making a purchase? Not having many or recent reviews can leave your company looking unreputable. What a way to miss out on potential customers. Create a unique link and start requesting reviews from customers following services so they can share their experience online.
  • If your reviews aren’t so positive, you’ve still got a fighting chance. Go back and reach out to those customers and offer to turn their frown upside down. The truth is, every bad review is just a golden opportunity. Potential customers perusing the reviews will see how you handle negative reviews and work to right any wrongs.
  • If you’re racking up raving 4 and 5-star reviews, there’s always room for improvement. Maybe you can’t turn to reviews for holes to fill, but you can always send out questionnaires asking customers about anything they would like to see done better or services you could add.

After you gather this information, take some action! Improve customer service, add on the services, offer fun incentives or whatever requests your customers covered. Announce business changes on social media, so your customers and followers stay informed of the improvements you’ve made.

In the end, you’ll walk out with a stronger company and happier customers that feel heard.

41% of support professionals say customer satisfaction is their most critical KPI

Share Your Knowledge 

Your customers come to you for a reason — you’re the professional they trust! The keyword here is trust. They trust you to not take advantage of them and part of that comes with sharing knowledge.

Considering hosting an event where you teach an entertaining and informative session on what your customers need the most — whether that’s removing tough stains from carpets or showing simple ways to unclog a sink. 

This allows your customers to not only learn something new from you but also get to know you in a personal space.

Not sure about standing in front of a group? Try hosting an online event instead to ease the stress of public speaking, or walk clients through what you did to solve their problem so they’re in the know.

A part of providing excellent customer experience is showing customer appreciation. Regardless of the route you take, make sure it’s from the heart. Genuine appreciation, no matter how simple, is always felt and received well.