As a small business owner, I’m sure you’re well aware just how quickly our world is changing. Once not too long ago, most of your interaction with customers likely took place in your store or office, but these days you have to be prepared to answer their emails, connect with them over social media and maintain a website that they can also easily interact with on their mobile phones too, just to name a very, very few.

And the modern-day customer continues to evolve. To give you a sense of what the typical customer of 2015 will look like, Reuven Gorscht created this helpful infographic.

2015 small business infographic

Some takeaways:

  • You may view social media as your outlet to share information about your brand, but remember your customers view it as their outlet to talk about your business or whomever else they encounter. This can work to your advantage or not. Try to make it the former.
  • The CSR mentioned in the graphic refers to “corporate social responsibility.” For the small business owner, this means think beyond the bottom line. You may not be able to donate large sums of money to a charity like a major corporation can, but you can perform small acts that make a difference — and will make a difference to your customers too.
  • If you haven’t been paying attention to your online reviews, with 70% of consumers consulting them before making a purchase, it’s time to start!