With an increase in outbreaks, businesses are preparing to close their doors for a second time due to COVID-19. While round 1 caught many unexpectedly, we’ve learned to pivot quickly.

If your business is facing temporary reclosure, or it’s time to reopen your doors, communicate the message effectively by sending out an email. To make it easier for Thryv users, our team created industry-specific templates for you to share with your customers about your company temporarily closing or reopening.

Head over to Thryv’s Idea Bank for dozens of email templates and links to quickly create and tailor to your customers. Don’t forget, update your Google My Business account to reflect your closure so customers don’t make an unnecessary trip to your storefront.

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General Temporary Closure Messages

Let customers know your company is on board fighting the spread of the virus and temporarily closing shop. You can also explain what that closing looks like for your business.

  • Will someone be available by phone for questions?
  • Will you continue to post to social media?
  • How should customers expect to hear updates on the reopening status?

Take a look at this general template for temporary closure as a place to start.

Email template on general business temporarily closing for COVID-19

Industry-specific Digital Shift Announcements

If you plan to shift to digital business during this time, share this information with your customers so they know how they can plan to receive your great products and services once your brick-and-mortar doors are closed.

For example, inform customers about how your business is making the shift to digital.

Industry-specific Reopening Messages

There are also a variety of templates waiting for you for when the time comes to reopen again, such as:

  • Restaurants reopening message to customers for limited dining or curbside pick-up only
  • Auto repair offering a coupon
  • Healthcare businesses now taking appointments
  • Plumbers resuming in-home services
  • Retail stores resuming normal hours
  • Salons and spas offering online appointment booking
  • Fitness facilities opening to limited class sizes or scheduling online classes

We know the idea of closing your business again is worrying. However, keeping in touch with your customers helps maintain a meaningful relationship, plus making the shift to digital can aid in keeping things running.

Get Your Business Found Online

Get Your Business
Found Online

Are you ready to get serious about your online listings?