Now that you know why it’s important for brick-and-mortar businesses to think like an in-person/online hybrid, let’s dig into how that can be done. In our post-quarantine world, creating an up-to-date online presence is more important than ever. You need to reach more customers in order to stand out from the crowd.

Update Your Website

For many businesses, starting a company website is a set-it-and-forget-it task. Once the info is up and out in the world, they go back to day-to-day business and never think to revisit their web page. Sound familiar?

Chances are, something has changed since you first launched your web page, such as:

  • Your address
  • Hours
  • Services offered
  • Reviews you’ve received
  • How your business has responded to COVID-19

Does your home page reflect any of that? It really must.

Today’s savvy consumers will almost always check your website — or at least your Facebook page — before contacting or visiting your business. Companies that take the time to update their home pages with current messaging let their customers and prospects know right up front what to expect.

Take a look at how Thryv user, Colts Neck Pharmacy in Colts Neck, NJ, updated its home page with messaging about curb-side pick up and in-demand product availability:

The team also created a pop-up chat to remind customers about curb-side pick up, and created an easy-to-use “pick-up request form” to round out the customer experience.

How can Thryv help? Read more about Colts Neck Pharmacy here and discover how working with Thryv software made it easy for the pharmacy to continue reaching out to customers and deliver convenience as they incorporated this change. Thryv users get more out of their online presence thanks to automated updates to 60-plus listings sites like Google, Facebook, Yelp and more.

Get the Most Out of Social Media

Here’s the simple truth: The vast majority of your customers use some form of social media — and they expect to find you there, too. Not only do they want to learn about you and see what it’s like to do business with you, they also want to recognize you with their own posts. Social media channels, like Facebook and Instagram are making this even easier — you can learn how here.

Social media is the fastest way to show off any recent work you’ve done. Regular posts will entice customers to seek you out. In fact, if you don’t post regularly about your work, some consumers may not trust that you’re open or legitimate.

To inform customers of social distancing expectations and to showcase newly available plants, Bloomin’ Crazy Nursery and More in Leland, N.C., wrote up quick Facebook updates. They were able to posted these updates through their Thryv dashboard.

They also feature recent reviews and new services on their social media pages as well. Check out some recent posts for inspiration:

How can Thryv help? The social media capabilities in Thryv’s software helps businesses stay organized by streamlining the process. Through Thryv’s dashboard, businesses can choose from pre-written posts, insert their own photo or use one from the library. Then, thanks to Thryv’s integration with Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, they can schedule the post without leaving the dashboard.

Keep (or Start) Offering Virtual Services

Throughout stay-at-home orders, quick-thinking brick-and-mortar businesses realized they could stay relevant and top-of-mind with their customers by offering services or classes online. Turns out customers liked that option, and want to keep it going. It doesn’t always have to be a money-maker. Sometimes goodwill interaction goes a long way to help customers remember and interact with you. Need some ideas?

  • If you’re a nursery, how about a pruning class on Instagram Live?
  • Are you a camera shop? Start a photo contest where your customers upload their photo on Facebook and tag you (bonus engagement!).
  • If you run a farmer’s market, how about a photo and instructions for a favorite recipe?
  • Are you a hardware store? Use photos or video to show off new products side-by-side, like a wood stain or other popular do-it-yourself items
  • If you only offered in-person fitness classes, follow T & T Karate‘s lead and create a robust online training offering.

The team updated the website and sent out email announcements and reminders. These included info on upcoming classes and motivational messages to keep their customers’ spirits up. Learn more about their strategy here.

How can Thryv help? Through their Thryv account, T & T can not only make sure the website information is accurate, but also automatically send emails to their customer list, with links to the Client Portal for online scheduling.

This saves time for staff who do not have to answer calls to set appointments, and it optimizes their centralized customer database. After classes, they can use Thryv to send out a thank you and request for a review, which shows they’re in-tune and responsive to their customers.

Customers expect more from businesses today.
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