The COVID-19 pandemic is impacting businesses of every type and size. Even businesses in the healthcare space are working hard to find new, more virtual ways to serve customers and patients while respecting social distancing practices.

With some quick thinking, one pharmacy and Thryv user, Colts Neck Pharmacy, found a way to offer curbside pickup to patients who needed to refill and take home prescriptions.

How’d they do it?

They acted quickly. Working with their software advisor, they built a new page on their website, and they equipped it with a form. They called it “Pickup Request Form.” Check it out below.

Example Curbside Pickup Request Form

Tips for Businesses Offering Curbside Pickup

Colts Neck Pharmacy did several things right to pull off a new, curbside pickup offering without interrupting operations or causing confusion.

Here are our top tips for businesses implementing curbside pickup:

  • In addition to information you’d typically collect, like name and phone number, ask for information that will help you identify the vehicle clients will arrive in.
  • Ask for at least two types of identification factors, like Make of car, and color.
  • To cut down on traffic, allow clients to choose a broad time frame they intend to arrive.
  • Connect your curbside pickup request form with your appointment scheduling software or calendar, so you know when to meet people outside.
  • When patients and clients drive up, ask them to confirm name and date of birth so you’re sure you’re dealing with the correct individual.
  • Ensure you remain as far as possible from open car windows, and avoid leaning inward toward the driver.
  • Require clients touch as few things as possible to confirm pickup. If they do have to touch mobile devices to sign for their purchases, wipe these down frequently with disinfectant wipes.
  • Have members of your staff return inside frequently to wash hands.
  • Sanitize door handles to your establishment, given the increase in staff members coming in and out.