Landscapers know it takes more than a strong set of lawn sheers to keep your business out of the weeds. That’s why it’s important to run your business with the best landscaping business management software you can find.

That’s where Thryv comes in to add a sharp edge to your business.

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How-to Guide: 4 Ways to Run an Efficient Small Business


Make the Right First Impression Online

One of the more challenging hurdles is ensuring potential customers can easily find your business online.

First, and arguably the most important way to stand out, is your Google Business Profile. Google is the leading mobile and desktop search provider in the U.S. Many battles against the competition end before they can begin because customers can’t find you.

Despite its online search stronghold, Google isn’t always enough these days. Also, It wouldn’t be the best landscaping management software if it only manages one online listing. How does more than 40 sound? No need to edit them individually. With Thryv, all your information is gathered and updated from one source.

Bonus: Thryv Business Center will help you get and manage more reviews, too.

Nothing makes a better first impression quite like actual customer praise. Thryv doesn’t just make it easy to encourage reviews. You can see reviews the moment they’re posted, you can respond instantly and you can even compare your top competitors’ reviews.

Efficient Businesses Have Efficient CRMs

Streamlining your landscaping business starts with a CRM or Customer Relationship Management tool. Your business runs better when you have access to prospect details and customer information all in one place.

Whether on the go or behind a desk, Thryv’s Business Center CRM makes it easy for landscapers to:

  • Import large groups of clients and update existing information
  • Organize customers with tags, filters and custom fields
  • Record notes about customers for the whole team to see
  • Recall past projects, appointments and payments

Strong customer relationships are built on how much information you collect over time. It helps you anticipate client needs, relate on a personal level and turn them into lifetime advocates.

Book Services Fast & Get Paid Faster

If you’re bogged down with scheduling snafus, piles of sticky notes and tedious office work, how can you focus on competing with other landscapers?

Ensuring you have the best landscaping management software simplifies daily tasks by replacing manual calendars, invoices and paperwork with digital solutions.

I love the fact of telling my customers [Thryv’s] going to shoot you out proof of payment right away.

—Mike Frazier, AllTex Landscaping & Construction

Your customers will be glad they choose a business with faster and more convenient options to book appointments and make payments. And you’ll be glad you chose the landscaping management software that:

  • Allows customers to schedule online without fear of double booking
  • Sends project photos, estimates, invoices and payment links on any platform
  • Automates appointment reminders, thank you messages and review requests

Plus, by using the right software, you can save time every week and focus on providing exceptional service. Trust us. People will notice.

Master Your Marketing Message

Crafting authentic marketing content about your small business is a no-brainer. But do you know who to target? When’s the best time to post on social? How much should you spend on your next ad? The best landscaping management software includes a multi-pronged attack for marketing success.

Thryv’s automated campaigns help you reach the right audience on the right platform. You can also effortlessly communicate with large groups of customers at once via email, Google, social and more.

Social media is the perfect place to tell your story and engage with followers. And saves time when you can see all your platforms, respond to all activity and publish all the posts you want from one place.

If engagement is the primary goal of marketing, listening to your customers is how you achieve it. The best software collects in-depth analytics from email campaigns, ad clicks and more so you know what’s getting home and what’s falling flat.

Simply the Best, Better Than All the Rest

Having good landscaping management software is important for staying competitive and setting your business up for long-term success. Using software like Thryv saves time by managing schedules, invoices, customer communication, marketing campaigns and more.

In the end, this kind of software doesn’t just make your daily tasks easier, but also makes your customers happier, making your landscaping business one of the best choices around.

The Guide to Running an Efficient Small Business

The Guide to Running an Efficient Small Business

Eliminate time-wasting tasks and get back to business.