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[Video] Personalization Tips for Small Business Email Marketers

[Video] Personalization Tips for Small Business Email Marketers

By | 08.15.19
[Video] Personalization Tips for Small Business Email Marketers

74% of marketers say email personalization improves customer engagement. These days, personalization means more than dropping customers’ first names into your subject lines.

Use these email personalization tips to create more relevant, effective emails.

Gather more data on your customers.

It’s not enough to have a name and email address for each customer. You need more information to personalize your email marketing.

Gather data like:

  • Age range
  • Gender
  • Products and services purchased
  • Purchase frequency and loyalty

Segment your list.

Now that you know more about your customers, segment them into like-minded groups.

These segments will help make your messaging relevant and actionable to customers on each list.

Relevant emails get opened and clicked!

Vary your content.

For every email you send, create a few variants so they’re relevant to your segments.

Customize content like:

  • Promotions
  • Loyalty programs
  • Special offers and rewards
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Your emails aren’t
getting opened.

We know why.

Your emails aren’t getting opened.

We know why.


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