You’re already posting on social, making TikToks with your customers and getting bookings through a calendar app. But how do you take it a step further and really ramp up your customer experience for your hair salon?

Below are five ways you can improve your customer experience to get happier customers, more word-of-mouth and more recognition for your work.

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1. Learn More About Your Customers Pre-appointment

Everyone loves getting the special treatment. The same goes with your customers. While you may already know this inside the salon, you can actually start the process long before they step into your shop.

Using a smart booking system goes beyond just taking digital bookings. The more you get to know about your customer at this stage of the process, the more personalized the service you can provide.

For example, ask a customer when their last hair coloring was. Or whether or not they’ve used a particular product. Not only will this help you with the service you provide for the customer, but they’ll feel like they’re getting specialized treatment from you.

You don’t have to make the answers mandatory, that way you can avoid upsetting people who may not want to reveal that information. But for those who do, this will feel like you’re already getting to know them. And they, in turn, will get to know you.

2. Integrate Appointments into Your Clients’ Calendars

What’s better than not having to chase people who miss appointments? Never letting them forget in the first place.

Allowing your customer’s calendar apps to sync with your booking system means they’ll never forget an appointment again. Their very own calendar, which likely has push notifications enabled, will remind them of their booking.

Of course, if for some reason their calendar doesn’t remind them, you can always automate follow-up texts and emails.

3. Allow Customers to Purchase “Packages”

Whether it’s in the form of gift vouchers or just a full-service day, “packages” can cover a wide range of your products and services.

Combining your products and services into purchasable packages creates a feeling of value for customers: They’ll pay a slightly lower rate but receive the combination listed in the package.

Packages can also help your customers book and pay for your services in advance. For example, if a customer knows they’ll need a hair styling every month from now on, they can just go ahead and purchase a package for the next six months, pay in advance and book themselves in — hassle-free.

The real beauty here is that packages can be giftable, meaning someone wanting to pamper their friend or family member will be able to do so more effectively. They’ll be able to buy them a hair wash and styling, a massage, hair product and shampoo and conditioner, all in one go.

4. Use Referral Discount Codes

Get that word of mouth happening earlier with referral discount codes.

A referral discount code is a word or phrase that you can add to some products or services that applies a discount. For example, BLACKFRIDAY will apply a discount if used at checkout.

These are powerful in multiple ways: They are time-gated, shareable and traceable. The last one is key: Knowing which channels are using your referral codes more is a great way to figure out where to invest your time and effort into.

Lastly, you can use referral codes liberally through social media, too. This way you know which of your posts are working, and people can make them instantly shareable using the relevant social platform’s “share” tool.

5. Use Follow-Up Texts and Emails for Reviews

It’s not just about the pre-appointment. Using texts and emails after the customer has left your salon can provide you with great feedback.

Use text and emails to avoid awkwardly asking your customers for Google or Facebook reviews. They’ll find it more convenient because you can provide a link directly to the page, and you won’t have to worry they’ll say “Oh, of course,” but never do it.

This can help you build up your Google or Facebook reviews more organically, meaning your business will stand out to the right people more often.

Thryv has helped hair salons ramp up the digital customer experience meaning less time spent on admin and more time spent on doing what you love.

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