Social Media Tools For Business

Choosing the right social media tools for your business

As a small business owner, you know how important social media is for your business. After all, more than half of customers learn about new brands on social platformsi, and some 200 million social users visit at least one business profile on social platforms each day.ii

If you’re familiar with Facebook, Instagram and Twitter in your personal life, you might be surprised to learn that social media for small business is a whole different ballgame. Small business social media marketing requires clear goals, consistent execution, constant creativity and close attention to engagement metrics. Frankly, with so many other tasks on the to do list, it can feel a little overwhelming for small business owners. That’s why Thryv offers social media tools for business that can help you take advantage of the power of social platforms while simplifying the effort required to manage them.

How social media benefits your small business

Social media offers lots of advantages for small business owners.

  • It boosts brand awareness. As people engage with your content, the algorithms on social platforms make it easier for their friends and followers to view your posts as well, expanding your reach to more prospective customers. Social media tools for business can help you develop content and time your posts for maximum visibility in reach.
  • It’s cost-effective. Creating social media accounts and posting content costs nothing but your time. Even advertising on social media is cost-effective, as social platforms allow you to narrowly target your ads to people most likely to be interested in your business.
  • It delivers social proof. When your customers interact with your social presence by liking your content and commenting or sharing your posts, it sends a message to other prospective customers that your business offers value and can be trusted.
  • Market research is easy. Social platforms gather a lot of information on the people who interact with your business. By monitoring this data, you can make more informed decisions about how to reach customers, what messages will appeal to them and how to position your products and services to satisfy their needs.
  • You can keep an eye on your competition. Your competitors’ social media accounts are a great place to research what they’re doing and who their customers are. Social media tools for business analysis can automate these tasks to develop insights that can help you compete more effectively.
  • It drives traffic to your website. You can send customers to your website by teasing content on your site, engaging with customers and linking to the FAQ pages on your site, or promoting special deals and discount codes that are exclusive to the social platform.

Thryv: social media tools for business growth

Thryv is a do-it-all business management platform that gives small business owners the tools to find customers, manage workloads, get paid faster and build a stellar reputation online. With solutions for everything from marketing automation and customer relationship management to payment processing and social media tools for small business, Thryv delivers everything you need to manage your business with one login and one dashboard.

Thryv’s social media tools for businesses help to simplify tasks, automate processes and generate more value from your social media efforts.

One dashboard for all your social activity
When you connect your Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts on Thryv, you can publish content to all your platforms from a single dashboard. Share your stories and manage your social profiles from one place, on any device. Post content, photos, links and videos with a single click.

Schedule content in advance
When your days are packed with tons of other tasks, it can be hard to stay on top of social media activities. Thryv’s social media tools for business let you prep and schedule your posts at any time that’s convenient for you. Thryv will identify the best time to engage your audience for maximum visibility, and automatically post your content to each site when the time is right. Of course, you can always post and share anything instantly from your Thryv social dashboard.

Keep content flowing with pre-written posts
When you feel like you’re running out of social media marketing ideas for your small business, Thryv offers a library of half a million customizable posts that can be quickly personalized for your business. We also can analyze the posts from your competition to help you identify themes and topics you can address in your own content.

Monitor your progress
With social media management for small business, half the battle is knowing when your posts are connecting with audiences and when they’re not. The Thryv dashboard lets you track your views, likes, shares and reach on each platform. Thryv also identifies the demographics for each site’s audience, as well as peak times when users are online so you can time your posts for greater effectiveness.

Add expertise to your social team
Thryv’s full-service social upgrade helps you engage your followers and fans with comments and replies written by our content experts. Our team will write unique content each month and use boosting algorithms to help you grow your audience and influence. Full-service social is a great way to execute a fuller small business social media plan.

Additional marketing tools from Thryv

Along with social media tools for business growth, Thryv provides additional marketing solutions for communicating with customers and growing your business.

Build your online presence
Sync your business info across 40+ listing sites, including Google Business Profile, to help customers find your business, book your services, buy your products and leave reviews more easily.

Marketing automation
Thryv’s marketing automation software triggers targeted campaigns that deliver the right message to the right people at the right time. Thryv also automates one-off announcements like reminders and birthday greetings to help you follow up with customers.

Customer communications
Reach your customers how they want to be reached – via text, email, social or other channels – and track all communications from a single inbox. View messages and client-specific threads to keep your conversations organized.

Reputation management
Build and protect your online reputation by automatically asking for reviews and getting notified whenever customers post comments on top sites. Respond to reviews within one business day with Thryv’s live review acknowledgment service, even when you’re too busy to respond yourself.

Why customers love Thryv

Tens of thousands of small businesses owners choose Thryv to manage their day-to-day activities, connect with their customer base, accelerate payments and generate positive reviews. As an end-to-end platform, Thryv incorporates all the tools small business owners need at their fingertips during the day, eliminating the need for multiple logins and passwords. Data entered into one tool on the Thryv platform automatically flows to every other application, avoiding the need to copy and paste or import/export data between solutions.

Small business owners and their employees can access Thryv from anywhere, at any time, on any device – mobile phone, tablet, laptop or desktop. Client information and business data are kept safe and secure with cutting-edge data encryption and customizable account access controls. Unlimited and unmatched customer service – available 24/7/365 – lets customers connect with small business specialists with technical expertise and business know-how. Because Thryv integrates easily with leading business tools like QuickBooks, Gmail, PayPal, Zoom and many others, small business owners and their employees can continue working with the tools they are familiar with while taking advantage of the powerful applications on the Thryv platform.



Social Media Tools For Business FAQs

Your social media tools for business questions, answered.

What are the best social media tools for business?

Social media tools for business are designed to streamline tasks and automate processes involved in creating and posting content and tracking metrics like views, likes, shares and reach.

What’s the difference between personal vs. business social media?

While personal social media accounts are all about connecting with friends and family, business social media activities must be highly focused to encourage customers and prospects to engage with the business. Social media tools help businesses identify where their target audiences are active on social media and when content should be posted for maximum visibility. Superior tools may also help businesses craft compelling messages and deliver a steady stream of content that promotes engagement and awareness.

What is Thryv?

Thryv is a do-it-all small business management platform that puts a wealth of tools at the fingertips of small business owners and their employees. Thryv’s solutions for marketing, communications, CRM, social media, invoicing, payments, document storage, scheduling and online presence can help small businesses to find customers, manage work and build the business.