Management Software for Small Business

Choosing the right management software for small business

When managing a small business, you’re always working to get more done in less time. From marketing and invoicing to managing your online reputation and nurturing customer relationships, your to-do list only gets longer as your business grows.

Management software for small business can help, but choosing the right technology can be a challenge. How do you know which small business solutions will work best for you? How can you purchase, install, learn and manage all the software you need for every aspect of your business?

That’s where Thryv can help. As a do-it-all small business management platform, we deliver everything you need to run your business, with easy-to-use software you can access from anywhere. Our management software for small business includes all the digital capabilities you need to find and impress customers, organize and automate tasks, and accomplish more work in less time.

The essentials of small business management software

As you consider management software for small business, there are several features that are essential to productivity and ease of use.

Comprehensive solutions
While there are many fine small business software solutions on the market, the most effective solutions are do-it-all platforms that let you access all the tools you and your employees need through a single login. Comprehensive solutions let you avoid logging into a different platform every time you switch tasks. Additionally, you can enter information like a customer’s address once and use it for marketing, invoicing, CRM activities and customer communications.

Tools you can access from anywhere
The best small business tools are ones you can access from any device, at any time in any location. Cloud-based platforms put management software at your fingertips anywhere you have an Internet connection.

Security that delivers peace of mind
Whether it’s financial records or your customer’s credit card info, you need to be sure that your data is safe. The best management software for small business should provide encryption, access controls and other technology that ensures you never have to worry about security.

An easy user experience
When adding new management software for small business, you shouldn’t have to give up the tools you’re already comfortable with. From your email system, your accounting program or your videoconferencing platform, new tools for small business should integrate easily with existing solutions to minimize disruption to your workflow.

Technology you won’t have to worry about
You want to spend your day getting work done rather than dealing with technology. Management software for small business with superior support and service options can take the worry and hassle out of managing software and resolving issues.

Thryv: do-it-all management software for small business

Thryv management software for small business provides do-it-all solutions for finding customers, managing your work, getting paid faster and generating buzz about your business. As a cloud-based platform, our easy-to-use software is available anywhere and everywhere you need it.

Thryv provides tools for:

  • Optimizing online listings. Sync your online listings across Google, Facebook, Yelp and 40+ other top sites. Optimize your Google Business Profile to help customers find you faster.
  • Posting on social media. Publish content from one place by connecting your Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts. Use Thryv’s pre-built and customizable posts to manage social media like a pro.
  • Scheduling appointments. Let customers request appointments anytime, day or night, with Thryv’s online appointment booking tool. Sync your online calendars and multiple staff accounts. Let customers book packages or groups of services at once to increase repeat business.
  • Managing customer relationships. Consolidate customer information in one place. Upgrade customer data with detailed insights and a customizable view of leads and clients. Nurture leads and opportunities with automatic messages. Provide an online portal where customers can log in to share documents or book appointments.
  • Simplifying customer communication. Communicate with customers via their preferred channel – email, text or social. Manage all messages from a single inbox and view messages in client-specific threads. Follow-up with automated reminders and read receipts.
  • Streamlining document storage and sharing. Use online document management tools to share and track important documents. Monitor changes and keep track of the most recent versions.
  • Invoicing clients and accepting payment. Build quotes and estimates fast and let customers approve them on their mobile devices. Issue online invoices to get paid faster. Let customers pay how they want with online payment processing.
  • Automating marketing campaigns. Build marketing campaigns with customizable email and text templates. Execute campaigns automatically. Track opens, views, clicks and other metrics to measure success.
  • Managing online reputation. Protect your reputation online by monitoring and responding to customer reviews and comments. Use pre-built templates to request reviews at the perfect time. Get detailed analysis of how your reviews rank against the competition.

Exceptional service. Easy integration. Access from any device.

Thryv delivers small business management software with all the features you need to streamline your workday.

A do-it-all, cloud-based platform
Thryv’s end-to-end platform encompasses virtually all the tools and technologies you need to manage your business. From a single dashboard, you can view messages, calendars, payments, reviews and instant notifications, letting you grasp where your business stands with a quick glance. Use Thryv on any device from any location with business tools that are always at your fingertips.

Unmatched service and support
Thryv offers unlimited, 24/7 support from small business specialists who understand your unique needs. With Thryv’s unmatched support, our team becomes your team, working to help you at every stage of your business journey. Hands-on onboarding and flexible training help you get the most out of Thryv’s management software for small business, while tips, videos and guides let you learn about Thryv at your own pace.

Security that doesn’t cut corners
We ensure data protection through cutting-edge encryption and customizable account access management, letting you control who sees what – and what they can do with it. From document storage to online payment processing, our outstanding security features ensure your business, your customers and your data stay safe and secure.

Integration with existing technology
Thryv’s tools for small businesses integrate seamlessly with the tools you’re already using such as QuickBooks, PayPal, Stripe, Yelp, Twitter, Instagram, WordPress, Zoom, Gmail, Square, JotForm and many more. That means you can keep using the solutions you’re familiar with while you take advantage of all the features and functionality that Thryv’s platform offers.

Why choose Thryv?

Offering a single platform with comprehensive management software for small business, Thryv lets business owners stop worrying about managing technology and get back to doing what they love – running their businesses. From a single dashboard, business owners can manage their marketing, generate invoices, accept payments, schedule appointments, send reminders, communicate with customers and nurture business relationships.

Along with powerful tools for small businesses, Thryv offers many free features such as an online experience scan, a review link generator, a Google optimization quiz and a software savings calculator. Our free mobile app makes all of Thryv’s tools available on a smart phone or tablet. As a SaaS solution for SMB companies, Thryv scales easily to accommodate additional employees, locations, products and services while providing a predictable monthly expense.

Management Software for Small Business FAQs

Your management software for small business questions, answered.

What is management software for small business?

Management software for small business provides the capabilities that owners need to successfully handle all the tasks involved in running their company. From sales and invoicing solutions to marketing and social media tools to customer communication, small business management software brings insight and automation to virtually every aspect of the business.

What are the benefits of small business management software?

Management software for small business simplifies tasks, automates processes and increases efficiency for business owners and their employees. Cloud-based solutions make management tools available from any location, on any device. Do-it-all solutions enable small businesses to access comprehensive tools without needing to navigate multiple logins and passwords and without needing to import and export data between independent, single-purpose software solutions.

What is Thryv?

Thryv is a do-it-all business management platform that provides everything small business owners need to find customers, manage daily activities, invoice customers, accept payments and manage their online reputation. With customizations for various industries and a fully mobile interface, Thryv provides small businesses with tools and functionality that were once reserved just for larger businesses.