As Internet usage has become more popular in recent years, advertisers have become wary of the reach they provide with their Yellow Pages print advertising. However, while the number of consumers using print advertising has declined slightly, this media is still one of the main sources that consumers use to purchase products and services from local businesses. Here are some current usage statistics for Yellow Pages print advertising taken from a recent survey by the Local Search Association:

  • Consumers referenced the Yellow Pages 11 billion times in 2010, compared to 5.6 billion references to Internet Yellow Pages.1
  • 33 percent of adults use print Yellow Pages in an average week, as opposed to 21 percent for Internet Yellow Pages.2
  • 74 percent of adults used a Yellow Pages directory in the past year to find a local business.3
  • Of all consumers who use Yellow Pages, 78 percent view this media as the most trusted and accurate source they choose first when they need to find information about local businesses.4

Why Yellow Pages Print Advertising Is Still Popular

The print Yellow Pages was the world’s first search engine and remains one of the most useful and relevant products for consumers who want to find businesses in their area. Even in the new digital age, research shows that most consumers trust the Yellow Pages most. According to a study by CRM Associates, 80-90 percent of consumers that look to the Yellow Pages do so because they are experiencing major life events. In fact, statistics show that people who are in the midst of a major life event use print Yellow Pages 2.4 times more than those with no events do.5

Who Uses the Yellow Pages Most

While some people may think that young adults do not use print directories because they have access to the Internet, research actually shows that 54 percent of adults between ages 18-24 and 66 percent between ages 25-29 use the Yellow Pages regularly. In fact, statistics have indicated that adults ages 25-29 have used the Yellow Pages the most in the last 30 days.6

Even though some people have viewed the increasing popularity of the Internet as the subsequent downfall of the print Yellow Pages, research shows that Yellow Page usage has actually increased significantly in the last year. In addition, consumers still view Yellow Pages directories as the most trusted and accurate source for finding the local services and products they need.

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3Local Media Tracking Study conducted by Burke on behalf of the Local Search Association


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