54% of customers (more than half!) prefer social media for customer care, beating out phone and email.

How do you handle questions and complaints? Here’s how social media could help.

It’s real.

Ever gotten a “canned” email response to a customer service complaint? They’re really impersonal!

Consumers use social media to keep in touch with friends and family. Businesses that use social media to interact with people benefit from the friendly, relatable environment.

It’s fast.

72% of consumers expect responses to customer service complaints within one hour. If you relying on email and phone tag, that might not happen.

Social media lets you follow up:

  • On the go, from your phone
  • Instantly, thanks to notifications
  • In just a few seconds

It’s inexpensive.

You may not realize what you’re paying for customer service. Maybe you have an hourly employee handling phone calls, or you spend your own time answering emails.

Those man hours cost you money.

With the exception of software you use to post and respond across your accounts, social media is practically free.