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[Video] How to Stand Out Using Social Media

[Video] How to Stand Out Using Social Media

By | 06.28.18
[Video] How to Stand Out Using Social Media

Think about how you use social media. Who do you follow? Friends, family, coworkers, celebrities, politicians…who else?

What about businesses? If you’re like most Americans, you use social media to keep up with your favorite businesses too.

Now think about your business. You probably have at least one social media account – maybe more. Are they working? Or are your posts falling flat? You may not be using social media in the smartest ways for your particular business.

You can use each social media platform to achieve your various marketing goals.


About the platform:
  • Oldest and most widely-used social media site
  • More than 2 billion active users
  • Reaches all age groups, including those over 55
How to use it:
  • Build your core following by creating and promoting a Facebook Business page.
  • Use it to drive leads and traffic to your website, with smart calls to action.
  • Promote your content and offers to target, niche audiences with Facebook boosted posts and advertising.


About the platform:
  • Based on images and videos, over text posts
  • Targets millennials to 20-somethings
  • Widely used by women
How to use it:
  • Build your brand with specific styles of images.
  • Cut thru the clutter with hashtags (joining trending conversations or creating your own).
  • Promote your business using targeted ads and linking to your other social profiles.


About the platform:
  • 500 million users
  • 70% of U.S. companies have a Twitter account.
  • One of the broadest demographic sets, so your audience is diverse
How to use it:
  • Respond to consumer questions or customer service issues.
  • Join conversations or go viral with re-tweets and hashtags.
  • Try anything! Even though you have a small character limit (now 280, up from 140), people post really frequently on Twitter. You have almost infinite opportunities to engage.

If you feel like a dinosaur when it comes to social media, that’s OK. Thryv comes jam-packed with over 525,000 posts you can personalize for your business. Or, our social media experts can create custom content just for you.

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Getting outshined by the competition on social media?

Regain the spotlight with regular tips, on us.

Getting outshined by
the competition on
social media?

Regain the spotlight with regular tips, on us.


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