We’re back with more tips on catering your emails to mobile readers. Did you know 58% of marketers still aren’t designing their emails for mobile? That means if you DO take on the mobile challenge, you’re ahead of the game.

When optimizing emails for mobile, consider fat fingers.

When we’re talking about mobile devices…that’s basically everyone.

Consumers on smartphones don’t have tiny cursors to click around with (like they otherwise would on a desktop or laptop)! So if you’re using email marketing campaigns to get consumers to visit your website or click thru in anyway, think “taps” not “clicks.”

How to make your emails more tappable:

  • Make calls to action (like buttons and links) big and easy to see.
  • Don’t put too many links too close to one another.
  • Don’t insert images or text that require excessive pinching to zoom in or out.

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