Mobile Unfriendly WebsiteGoogle announced this week that it is dropping the “mobile friendly” label from its mobile search-return pages–and as a by-the-way dropped the news that 85% of web pages in mobile search are now mobile friendly.

So, how many websites are mobile friendly? To be clear, 85% of web pages does not mean 85% of websites are friendly to mobile. Still, the number shows a remarkably rapid movement to re-work websites to formats that display best on the small screens.

Google added the “mobile friendly” tag two years ago, as a message to users but also to website publishers about where the world was heading. Last year, Google said that mobile searches had surpassed desktop computer searches.

Google’s announcement makes it clear that mobile friendliness is still very much a “ranking signal”. In reality, you won’t see many unfriendly sites on search pages because Google ranks them so low. The “friendly” tag had just become “clutter” in Google’s wording.

Read the Google announcement.

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