Thriving as a small business is no easy feat; however, Thryv’s award-winning software makes it a breeze. With a laundry list of features to ease day-to-day business operations, there’s no doubt Thryv deserves to be on every small business’s wish list.

Leveraging Thryv to maximize your business is crucial to competing with big-name competitors, and our customers get that. Let’s look at 5 successful Thryv customers doing it right.

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1. Online Scheduling with Rooterville Animal Sanctuary

When it comes to opening doors to visitors, Elaine West is no stranger. She founded Rooterville Animal Sanctuary, which gives a home to farm animals and also doubles as a bed-and-breakfast. The non-profit sanctuary opened to the public for tours a few days out of the week. This should’ve been a joy, but there was a massive problem.

Like many small businesses, Rooterville would schedule tours over the phone. As if the time- and labor-intensive scheduling by phone weren’t rough enough, the sanctuary suffered at the hand of no-shows due to people who forgot their appointments. Once they found Thryv, that all changed.

Thryv has made us more organized and effective as an organization.

Rooterville Animal Sanctuary now uses Thryv’s calendar feature on its website, which allows visitors to go in and book tours on their own. The best part is, Rooterville has enabled automated messaging. They no longer have to worry about no-shows because text message reminders are sent straight to guest’s phones.

Thryv online scheduler
Rooterville Animal Sanctuary uses Thryv’s online scheduling to make it easy for customers to book visits.

2. One Easy Inbox for Eric Guel Photography

Eric Guel, the owner of his name-sake photography company, refuses to allow poor communication to cost him major customers. Early in his journey, he realized keeping written interactions with his client list organized would be a challenge. Guel now reaches his customers in the way that they want to be contacted, whether text or email, all from one single inbox.

The ability to manage all communications from one email helps Guel to stay organized, reply to his clients quickly and provide personalized service. When he gets busy, automated reminders are there to remind clients about their upcoming appointments. Now, he can focus on what really matters — capturing the perfect shots.

3. How Unicorn Air and Heat Gets Paid

Thryv customer Unicorn client portal
Unicorn Air and Heat’s Client Portal makes payments and scheduling a breeze.

Invoicing can be a headache at times, especially when all you want to worry about is providing top-notch service. When you’re running a small business, oftentimes you’re the CEO, the muscles behind the operation and, unfortunately for some, the CFO.

Mike Tambs, co-owner of Unicorn Air and Heating, began this business to help people. As a technician at heart and by trade, Tambs struggled to keep everything organized.

Thryv has made running my business a whole lot easier.

Thryv’s invoicing system made running the financial end of Unicorn Air and Heat much simpler. The company now sends interactive estimates, invoices that their clients can approve and pay from their phones. They track anything overdue and send reminders on any missed payments. Now that’s how you make the software handle the tough stuff.

4. Getting the Word Out About 4 Legs of Love

When Nanette Pace set out to launch 4 Legs of Love her goal was to help the medical staff responsible for taking care of her community. There was a great need for them to have a safe place to lodge their pets during their long work hours. Since they’ve opened, 4 Legs of Love has been busy, thanks to Thryv.

Thryv helps get the word out.

Word on the boarding and boutique company has surpassed Pace’s community because of their online presence. With Thryv, she can link the business’s info across over 60 sites but update any changes to their information in one place.

When it comes to social media, 4 Legs of Love has it down. Thryv offers a post scheduler for social media so they aren’t stuck to their computer awaiting the perfect time to post. If Pace or her staff aren’t sure what to post for the day, they know Thryv has them covered with post templates.

5. Juggling It All with Pristine Chapel

If you’re discussing covering all the bases, Pristine Chapel can relate. The all-in-one wedding service is committed to giving the customer everything they need — even if they don’t know what it is exactly what they need. Joanna Pearson and her staff use Thryv to respond to clients after hours.

It improves our clients’ experience with us because today’s brides want answers immediately.

With Thryv’s two-way communication system, Pearson’s hardworking staff no longer have to use their personal phones when discussing plans with brides. They know keeping in contact is just as important as staying organized. More importantly, they know there’s no reason to compromise when you’re partnered with Thryv. Watch their story below:

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