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With a passion for taking photos, 20 years ago, Eric Guel started his commercial photography business. Three years ago, he decided to quit his day job and jump in full time.

Eric was struggling with scheduling his appointments effectively through Google Calendar. He felt like he was constantly trying to put a “square peg in a round hole.” The rest of Eric’s photography business was incredibly scattered. Between Google Calendar, QuickBooks and multiple other platforms, he could never seem to get a handle on everything and stay organized.



“I invoice quite a lot and love how quickly I’m paid,” said Eric. Invoicing with Thryv has increased his overall sales by 48% in just one calendar year.

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“I can’t live without the scheduling feature in Thryv,” said Eric. Since he mainly works with business executives, so the calendar has helped him stay on top of appointments and automatically send reminders, eliminating dozens of follow-up emails.

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Now Eric is able to see invoices when they are paid, incoming appointments and receipts sent to his clients – all in one place!

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All the tools for Eric’s business are now in one convenient software, making running his business more efficient. Thryv has given him the tools he needs to:
  • Make it easy for clients to book appointments online.
  • Allow clients to pay him faster.
  • Automatically send follow-ups and reminders.
Thryv has alleviated a ton of stress and has allowed him to spend more quality time with his wife and seven children.

Thryv is my 'business-brain' …all the things I need in order to run my business are right here.

Eric Guel | Eric Guel Photography

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