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Mike and Chris are co-owners who started the company in January 2019. With years of experience, they wanted to create their own company offering honest rates and fantastic customer service.

Mike was looking for a software solution to help keep them organized, especially on the back end. They needed to manage their combined schedule and jobs while ensuring they could communicate with each other in real-time. It had to be seamless, so each owner knew what they were doing for their customers. They knew tech was a leap they had to take to keep things organized.



“You just got paid” is Mike’s favorite notification from Thryv. He loves that customers can pay him with ease through an invoice, eliminating the need to call and process payments over the phone.

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Accepting appointments from anywhere has changed their business, offering the flexibility to schedule appointments with his customers using Thryv’s mobile app.

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Managing individual schedules in one combined view helps Mike and Chris see where techs are heading. All day, every day.

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With Thryv, Mike and Chris said they never need an office manager; they can run their entire business from their phones.

Thryv has given him the tools he needs to:

  • Streamline everything they do each day in one calendar view.
  • Save valuable time with online invoices and payments.
  • Keep them organized while on the go with the mobile app.

Thryv has made running my business a whole lot easier.

Mike Tambs | Unicorn Air & Heat

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