For years, Meg Labaziewicz was the go-to person for friends and family members looking to freshen their space or channel a new aesthetic following a big move.

With over a decade of financial planning experience and an interior design degree under her belt, she stepped out on her own with Inspired Interiors by Meg, which she launched in 2016. Her goal: to keep her eye on design solutions and the client’s budget.

Since opening her business, Meg has branched out from residential decorating to home staging, business designing and even internationally decorating. Her sights are set on something far greater than herself.

“I’m trying to build a business that I can hand down to my family, so I’m working mindfully,” she says. While she’s living life in glitter and gold now, Meg will be the first to share that the road as a small business owner wasn’t so easy.

“I was doing everything on my own,” Meg shares. Many small business owners spend countless hours searching for solutions or watching online videos to resolve their issues. Since finding Thryv, things have turned around.

You’ve Got a Team with Us

Not only has the business management software been a help to Meg, she’s also found that one of the greatest benefits to working with Thryv has been the customer service experience. She’s no longer wasting time going back and forth via email to build her brand.

Having a website built with Thryv elevates your business, she says. “Honestly, it couldn’t have come at a better time.” Throughout the pandemic there was a massive shift to the digital space. By building a site to serve her clients’ needs, Meg was able to adapt and rise in the years to come.

I had a huge learning curve about most things tech, so exposure to what was possible was the first step — then [the Thryv team] helped me make it happen.

Now, Meg is on calls with web consultants on a mission to bring her vision to fruition. By getting the opportunity to work in real-time, she’s saving time and stress. The security of knowing someone is there every step of the way provides so much confidence that Meg even launched her website sooner than expected.

“I knew I could just change it. I’m still tweaking it all of the time,” she says.

With every business inquiry, Meg takes the time to update her website and provide a frictionless experience. What could be more frictionless than allowing clients to book directly from the website?

The cutdown on time- and labor-intensive scheduling by phone and email means she’s spending more time pursuing her dream of creating stylish environments for others to love.

Meg Labaziewicz