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Business Problems

Being the go-to person in her community to help families decorate their homes, Mary began to build on her passion for starting her own business. She loves to help and meet new people.

She struggled with managing her busy calendar and creating a presence for herself on social media. She paid multiple companies to help with her social media and website and still had to manually manage her social posts.


Social Media

She has increased her engagement on Facebook by over 60% by creating a posting schedule she could personalize and automate.

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Managing her meetings and appointments is much easier with her calendar available to her at any time. She has seen tremendous growth in the size of the projects she has taken on.

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By creating a CRM with custom Tags and Fields, she can capture the client information she needs to create the perfect space. This has helped to increase her referrals and clientele overall.

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Mary has time back in her day and has increased her earnings 4x more than before. Customers are searching for her and connecting with her on Facebook and her website.

Thryv has given her the tools she needs to:

  • Engage with her customers on social media without taking up all her time.
  • Manage and organize her busy schedule in one place.
  • Capture important client information she can easily access and review.

Thryv has made it easy for her to be present on social media even when she is too busy.

I have all my appointments online and I save so much time being able to go back and forth in Thryv.

Mary Labaziewicz | Inspired Interiors by Meg

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