It’s a Monday morning — you’re rested, have your morning coffee and are ready to tackle the week. This is your moment to do great work, connect with customers and make a difference. Nothing can stop you now.

But then, a familiar fear creeps in … you start realizing just how much you must get done. A mile-long to-do list is anxiety-inducing. You think to yourself, “I don’t have time to do it all.”

Guess what, you’re not alone — this familiar scenario rings true for small business owners everywhere. Painstaking administrative tasks can dominate your to-do list. And they can take away from the work you really want to do.

24% of small business owners spend up to 10 hours a week solely on administrative tasks.

If you’re searching for a way to break free and cross some things off your to-do list, Thryv’s small business management software can help.

Your Small Business To-Do List Before Thryv:

  • Book appointments and manage your schedule
  • Send appointment reminders out to customers
  • Answer messages and keep up with important info
  • Spend hours creating and reviewing invoices
  • Think of something noteworthy to post on social media

… all in addition to actually doing the work you’re passionate about — ugh.

Your Small Business To-Do List With Thryv:

  • Glance at pre-booked customer appointments
  • Read customer responses from automated messages
  • Check your organized view of customer notifications
  • Create and send invoices in minutes
  • Review prewritten social media content

… saving you up to 24 hours a week and getting you back to doing what you love! Let’s break it down.

Cross Off Your List: Appointment Booking

If you run a service-based business, it’s important that booking appointments is as easy as possible.

Your customers don’t want to hear they’ll need to wait weeks for an appointment. And you don’t want to spend valuable time trying to reorganize your schedule.

Did you know, 77% of service businesses don’t offer online scheduling?

small business playbook

If you still make customers call during business hours (and hope someone answers), take a huge item off your to-do list with online scheduling. You’ll spend less time and mental energy letting Thryv do the work for you. And it’s an easy way to stand out from your competition.

With online booking, customers can schedule appointments on your calendar for themselves. And they’ll receive appointment reminders automatically.

This not only ensures better experiences for you and your customers, but also helps cut down no-shows by almost 30% — win-win.

Spend Less Time On: Invoicing

Invoicing can be tedious and time-consuming. If you’re not organized, searching for the right information, double-checking your math and then getting invoices out can eat up a lot of time. That doesn’t even include chasing customers who don’t pay on time.

Cut this time way down with online invoicing. Whether you bill up front or when the job is finished, Thryv automatically sends digital invoices when you tell it to — simple as that.

Your customers can even approve payments right from their phones. And if you want to knock off another task from your list, use your invoices to share important info and market upcoming promotions.

Get Help: Managing Customer Information

Managing your customers’ information is an ongoing task – you can’t check it off your list and be done with it. You always have to keep up with changes, payments and other key information.

But if you’re getting by with handwritten notes, or even a spreadsheet — you’re wasting precious time and adding an unnecessary headache.

You need a reliable place to store customer information. A good customer relationship management system (CRM) helps your business stay organized. It also can help you follow up where necessary, like on overdue invoices and customer questions.

But Thryv does more than just store and organize customer information.

You can capture customer insights such as likes and preferences. Doing so helps you save time communicating with customers. As a result, you can deliver better experiences and increase customer satisfaction and retention.

Bonus: Use your CRM to create personalized automatic messages

Here’s where it all comes together: Use your CRM and customer details to create automatic marketing messages that get sent at just the right time.

This can be anything from happy birthday wishes to “we miss you” messages. Once you set up the right messages to the right customers, you get to cross an additional task off your list.

Streamline: Social Media

Nearly a quarter of small businesses consider social media their most successful digital marketing tool. And with 72% of the public using social media, you know you need to be in on the conversation.

Whether you’re just getting started or a social media pro, creating posts and responding to comments can feel like just another chore. Brainstorming ideas, editing what to say and putting it out there each week can consume hours.

Thryv makes it easy to draft and schedule your social media, using pre-built posts. Simply review the posts, make any necessary changes and approve them to go out. The software takes care of the rest.

Free up more time and get back to the work you love. Thryv can help you cross off all these items from your business to-do list. Then just imagine what you’ll be able to get done!