What do customers and prospects think about their online experience with your business? We’ve developed a free do-it-yourself business scan that takes just 30 seconds.

Understanding how well customers interact with you online is the first step toward improving your online reputation, presence and ability to reach current and new customers.

Get Your Free Business Scan

With our Business Analysis Scan, we rank your performance on a 0-100 scale, including:

  • Online listings: Are they current and accurate?
  • Ratings and reviews: How are they affecting your reputation and revenue?
  • Customer sentiment: Negative? Positive? You need to know.
  • Business website: Is it performing optimally or turning customers off?
  • Social media: Are you engaged and creating leads?

All of these elements factor into your customers’ and prospects’ online experience with your business. For example, scoring high in reputation means your reviews are up-to-date and customers are posting positively about you online. However, if your reviews are old or negative and you haven’t taken the time to respond, your reputation score will take a nose-dive.

Did you know: A one-star review can drop your revenue by up to 33%? According to Forbes, 94% of consumers will avoid a business that has lousy reviews. This is a great place to start for understanding your online presence and reputation. Then, you can do the work to improve.

This scan will also reveal your business’s overall presence and outreach scores, and give you tips so you can improve those, as well. For instance, ensuring your business information is accurate across all listings sites will give your presence score a bump up.

Take a minute to fill out our Business Analysis Scan form, and you’ll get your scores in just 30 seconds, plus lots of tips and next steps for improving your customers’ online experience with your business.