Not familiar with “mind reprogramming?” Neither was Balanced You Founder and Mind Change Expert Jenny Harkleroad…at least not at first.

Jenny discovered the concept of mindfulness after she had a hiking accident in 2013, where she broke her back. After two years, many doctors visits, and serious surgery, she still couldn’t sit comfortably.

But she wouldn’t let a broken back break her spirit.

Unwilling to face a life of discomfort, Jenny turned to the power of the mind. Though hesitant, she was willing to try anything for relief. After just 6 sessions with a mind change expert, Jenny was pain free.

Jenny became a believer, and Balanced You was born.

Balanced You is a mind change consulting business in San Diego, California. The small business provides mind reprogramming facilitation and consultation services. According to Jenny, our subconscious affects our success more than we know. So she built a business helping entrepreneurs and small business owners take back control of their lives and businesses.

In “Winning on Main Street” Episode 3 – Balanced You, we sat down with Jenny to hear how Balanced You serves their small business clients and why she’s so passionate about her business’s mission.

A Sneak Peek

Since 2016, Balanced You has treated everything from pain to personal relationships. Now, they focus mainly on reprogramming entrepreneurs’ mindsets for business success.

“Our goal for this year is to ten times our business. …just helping people understand the mind body connection and how they can really transform their lives.”

What you can expect to hear:

  • The power of your subconscious mind on your business’s success
  • How Balanced You uses software to grow their client list and impact
  • How technology helps them keep in touch with clients and check in on their progress

About “Winning on Main Street”

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