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[Podcast] What Drove Opulence Transportation’s Founder to Entrepreneurship

[Podcast] What Drove Opulence Transportation’s Founder to Entrepreneurship

By | 07.09.19
[Podcast] What Drove Opulence Transportation’s Founder to Entrepreneurship

For many small business owners, the summer months are some of the busiest. The same goes for the chauffeur and transportation industry, where business shifts into high gear right around this time of year.

But starting a driving service business doesn’t happen quite so fast or furiously.

According to Shawn James, founder of Opulence Transportation, it can take a year or so to build your fleet of vehicles and ramp up your customer base. And a lot of behind-the-scenes work goes into it.

In “Winning on Main Street” Episode 2 – Opulence Transportation, we sat down with Shawn to hear what it took to start and grow her business. Though Opulence Transportation is in its infancy, it’s moving fast.

Opulence Transportation is a professional chauffeured car service located in Northern Virginia, serving broader Virginia all the way into Washington D.C. They provide everything from traditional transportation services to chauffeuring for parties and other events. Unlike their competitors, they don’t just cater to typical, high-end limo service customers. They work with anyone who could use a customized chauffeur experience.

A Sneak Peek

Shawn says she works about 40 hours a week on her growing business and supplements her income in other ways.

“I’m the true definition of a startup. I have people I can call if I need additional help, but right now I’m at the point where I have really good reviews and want to keep my reviews good. That’s because I keep everything close until I feel like I’m ready to relinquish some control and grow.”

Have you already started your business? The conversation didn’t stop there.

Tune in, because this episode of “Winning on Main Street” also touches on:

  • Managing the growth of a small business in its infancy
  • How to canvas locally to beat out local competitors
  • Smart ways to use online advertising and get more reviews online

About “Winning on Main Street”

“Winning on Main Street” isn’t your everyday business podcast. We share stories of real small businesses, not get-rich-quick startups or overnight successes. We talk with relatable, nose-to-the-grindstone business owners about starting and running their businesses.

“Winning on Main Street” is available wherever you love to listen including Apple Podcasts, Google Music, SoundCloud and Stitcher. Tune in to hear from business owners like you in roofing, healthcare, transportation and more.

About Gordon Henry

Thryv Chief Marketing Officer Gordon Henry hosts “Winning on Main Street”. An expert in the tools small businesses use to market themselves, Gordon asks podcast guests about the challenges they face and technology they use to get ahead. Learn more about Gordon.

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“Business automation” got you tongue-tied?

It’s a mouthful. Don’t let it overwhelm you.

“Business automation” got you tongue-tied?

It’s a mouthful. Don’t let it overwhelm you.


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