You got into business to pursue your passion. And it’s no surprise running a business requires logging a lot of backend work.

But the worst part? It’s easy to get so caught up in managerial tasks you’re no longer in the field doing the things that brought you joy.

It’s time to free yourself from the stress of your desk and get back to pursuing your business passion.

Reduce Time Spent Managing Finances

Getting paid is crucial when it comes to running your business. You can’t afford to miscalculate a dime. Every invoice must be sent, every payment uploaded and each outstanding balance rectified.

Mismanaged money could result in a tarnished business reputation, payment fraud or the closing of your doors. So it’s hard to trust someone else to manage that load.

But sometimes, you simply don’t realize there’s a better way. When Marcus Peyton of Handy MAPS Construction started his business, he didn’t realize how much his manual accounting was really costing him.

“Before I was using Thryv, I was using QuickBooks® for my bookkeeping and invoicing — and a notebook,” explains Peyton. “I was probably spending a good 20 hours a week inputting information.”

Thryv has given me a process that allows me to be more hands-off.

Many small businesses turn to QuickBooks as their go-to accounting software. But, like other software, you still have to maintain and update it, which can become time-consuming.

Because QuickBooks Desktop integrates with Thryv, businesses can sync financial information without the manual hassle.

Think about the 20 hours each week Marcus was managing financial tasks. Can you imagine how many customers he could’ve serviced in that time? He did. And once he make the switch he saw his business transform.

“I’m going from $100,000 a year in revenue to $500,000 a year in just two years.”

And it wasn’t just financial. Not only can Peyton and his team serve more customers, he also has more time for his family.

Check out his story here.

Reduce Time Spent Booking and Confirming Appointments

No-shows are the worst. Especially if you had to stop what you were doing to get them on the books in the first place.

Many fail to realize how time-draining manually booking and confirming appointments is. Your customers don’t want to have to call for appointments or quotes during your business hours. And you deserve to detach your phone from your head.

Justin Albertson, Sales Manager at Genco Floor Covering gets it.

According to Albertson, some of the challenges they faced before using Thryv were contacting clients for appointments and scheduling. Despite the company being in business for 30 years, they were still calling customers to confirm appointments.

We were immediately happy with all the resources [Thryv] provided.

So Albertson brought Thryv to Genco. Now, Albertson says, the company has fully adopted text messaging. So much so, they’ve gone beyond the standard automated booking confirmation texts. “Now clients get a notification that we’ll be there in 15 minutes.”

It looks like their hands are completely phone-free and full of flooring — just how they like it.

“We’re using more technology now than ever. And we owe a lot of that to Thryv,” explains Albertson. How exactly? Well, they’re taking advantage of Thryv’s features like announcements, automated campaigns and more.

Check out their full story.

Reduce Time Spent Looking for Information

Think back a few years, walking into your doctor’s office and taking in the view behind the receptionist. Shelves stuffed full with thousands of manila file folders. It’s hard to believe that was once normal.

It’s even harder to believe that it still is normal for some small business owners. 

When it’s your first go at running a business, you don’t know all the ways to run your business effectively. You’re just trying to get it to run at all.

And that’s exactly how Dr. Gary Edery of Edery Chiropractic ended up with a cluttered business.

“Before Thryv, I was a very hands-on paper and pen guy,” explains Edery. “As my business started to expand and get more busy, there was a lot more activity that I would have to write. It was starting to get very disorganized.”

Thanks to the move to Thryv, Edery now has all of his patients’ information on one platform and he can better organize his day. And, as if document storage wasn’t enough, he’s been able to maximize his time thanks to centralized scheduling.

“With proper organization of time, we’re able to get patients better treatment, better results and ultimately help more people.”

To hear more about Dr. Edery’s story and what his patients think of Thryv, watch this video.

This is only just the beginning. What’s your story? Uncover the many ways Thryv can get you back to your business passion.