Not all online ratings and reviews are created equal. The first that come to mind may be important to some industries, but did you know they may not be the most important sites for your small business?

If you think Yelp and Google are the only two online review sites that matter, think again. There are other, more niche, players in the online ratings and reviews space that can affect your online reputation and your search engine optimization online.

Which top online ratings and review sites matter most?

Search engines trust some review sites more than others when it comes to searches related to your specific business and market. Sure, sites like Facebook that cover reviews for almost every type of small business matter. But you can’t ignore the other players in your industry.

Run a restaurant? It’s OK to focus your attention on Yelp and OpenTable. Snake drains for a living? Ignore the Yelps of the internet. Spend your time and energy on sites like the Better Business Bureau and Home Advisor. Make sense? You need to focus the majority of your energy on the top online ratings and review sites for your specific industry.

How many review sites should I be active on?

First things first. Most ratings and review sites are connected, in some way, to one of the top business listings sites. You should already own your business listings on as many of these sites as you can. This keeps you in control of your business’s information like phone number, hours of operation, even location.

This doesn’t mean you need a high volume of reviews on all of these sites. Instead, try to generate reviews on the top 2 to 3 sites for your industry. The more reviews you get on each of these sites, the less negative reviews and low ratings will affect your overall scores. Spread yourself too thin across more than 3 sites, and you risk mediocre scores and limited search engine visibility.

Top Online Ratings and Review Sites for Your Small Business

Scroll down to the type of business you run, and see which online listings sites should matter to you most. Click the sites, and double-check to ensure you own your listing.

Once you control your listings, get to work asking customers to leave reviews on these sites specifically. Watch your online reputation skyrocket.

1. Most Popular Animal Services Review Sites

Run a veterinarian clinic, a boarding and daycare facility, or a grooming salon? Use these sites to target the most pet-obsessed pet parents.

2. Most Popular Auto Services Review Sites

Do you sell cars? Provide quick-service automotive maintenance and repairs like oil changes and tire rotations? Both? Watch your ratings and reviews on these top automotive services sites.

3. Most Popular Salon and Spa Review Sites

Salons and spas are some of the top businesses searched for on sites like Google, Yelp and Facebook. So beauty professionals should start there. Want to get creative? Keep going with these top beauty professional review sites.

4. Most Popular Business Services Review Sites

If you run an accounting, bookkeeping, consulting, or other business services company, getting the word out is tough. There aren’t as many ratings and review sites out there for your type of business, but there are a couple. Try these on for size.

5. Most Popular Child Care Services Review Sites

There are tons of parents searching every day for quality child care online. Sites like Yelp and Better Business Bureau are great places to start for your child care services business. Don’t stop there!

6. Most Popular Cleaning Services Review Sites

If you make a living providing cleaning services, your business can really benefit from online ratings and review sites. There are tons out there, but here are the top cleaning services review sites.

7. Most Popular Contractor Review Sites

Just like cleaning services business, Angie’s List is great for contractor businesses. But there are still loads of other contractor review sites out there.

8. Most Popular Government & Nonprofit Review Sites

Unlike many other types of small businesses, it would be rare, even odd, for consumers to make a general search for a government or nonprofit business like yours. Most people are likely searching for your business specifically or a business with your specific cause in mind. Even then, having positive, high-ranking reviews online is important because it will help you show up in online search results.

9. Most Popular Health & Wellness Business Review Sites

If you work as a doctor, dentist, even a physical trainer or nutritionist, you likely get found by either word of mouth, or local online searches. When someone searches “healthcare professional near me,” trust these online review sites to get you found.

10. Most Popular Insurance Business Review Sites

If you run an insurance business, you’re in a pretty niche space. Use the popular sites like Yelp and Better Business Bureau, then check out Insurance Directory as well.

11. Most Popular Legal Services Business Review Sites

When it comes to finding legal help online, consumers trust these top legal services online ratings and review sites.

12. Most Popular Locks & Locksmiths Business Review Sites

Consumers who need locksmiths tend to need them fast. It’s no surprise “locksmith near me” is an incredibly popular online search. Use these top locksmith review sites to get found fast in your local areas of operation.

13. Most Popular Moving & Storage Company Review Sites

It can be hard for consumers to find a moving company they feel they can trust. So consumers rely on online ratings and reviews to source movers they want handling their most valuable things. Generate reviews on these top moving company review sites.

14. Most Popular Pest Control Business Review Sites

In addition to the more popular, broader home service provider review sites, use these top sites to help consumers in need of pest control services find your business.

15. Most Popular Real Estate Business Review Sites

Did you know you can use the same sites home buyers use to find their new home to find home buyers? Claim your listings on these sites, and have your happy customers post reviews so others know you’re worth the money.