With our latest CRM enhancement, business owners like you can use the Thryv CRM for small business to manage your workload in the way that makes the most sense to you. You can now manage multiple items or cases or jobs or patients under one contact listing.

Do you service:

  • Multiple cars for the same owner?
  • Four dogs for one human?
  • Several students for one parent?
  • Multiple jobs or worksites?

We’ve got you covered.

Plus, you can select the terminology you’d like to use — which comes in handy if you provide oil changes and not grooming services, right? Then, you can add the fields to your cases, projects or patients in the way that makes the most sense to you and your business.

CRM enhancement, project management, pet management, client managementThe CRM That Fits Your Business

This customizable CRM provides a 360-degree view of your full workflow, caseload or patient history. It’s completely up to you. You’ll be able to see all of the conversations, appointment bookings, payments, stored documents, notes, marketing campaigns and history at-a-glance.

Whether you’re tracking projects, managing jobs, scheduling payments or managing cases or accounts, the new CRM is customized for a variety of industries. Everything is grouped together in one centralized location to keep you — and your customers — organized. You can choose to manage:

  • Properties — ideal for contractors, real estate, property management
  • Students — organize your daycare or school setting with ease
  • Pets — for dog walkers, groomers, doggie daycare and vets
  • Cases — excellent option for law or insurance offices
  • Projects — catch-all category for everyone from wedding planners to marketers
  • Vehicles — great for oil changes, mechanics, maintenance and more
  • Opportunities — your sales team’s best option
  • Accounts — another catch-all category that you can customize
  • Jobs — your choice for construction projects, home services and more

Thryv’s quick action buttons make it super fast and simple to add new patients, jobs, pets or students. You can also choose to use the standard CRM to manage singular clients, if that fits your workflow better.

Better with Your Feedback

The enhanced CRM was built in response to Thryv user requests, and our users are over the moon with the change. We heard from Petrina Tebor of Air Duct Aseptics in Florida, who uses the “Properties” option. She said:

I love it!!! To be able to have different jobs for the same client is amazing.

We’ve kept your customers’ experience in mind, too. Thryv’s Client Portal allows them to log in, select the right job, patient, pet or project, and make a payment, schedule an appointment or upload a document.

Because Thryv is designed to help you get and stay organized, you can use key features, such as tags, to make everything from searching for a contact or setting up marketing automation easier than ever. You can also utilize task management to keep staff assignments up-to-date and visible to the team.

Ready to explore Thryv’s new CRM? Current users can check out the Knowledge Center to learn how to:

If you haven’t signed up with Thryv, now’s the time! Connect with us today.