As spending on search and display advertising continues to grow in 2015, increasing by almost 17 percent and surpassing $52 billion, there will be noticeable shift in the direction of mobile advertising campaigns.

According to “The State of US Digital Advertising 2015: Mobile Trumps Desktop, People Trump Devices,” the latest report from the independent market research company eMarketer, spending will move away from desktop computers as spending for mobile campaigns swells to more than 52 percent of advertising budgets.

Adam Berke, President and CMO of AdRoll, a global tech company providing cross-platform, cross-device display advertising, observes that “Marketers have all seen the graphs that show people are spending more and more time on mobile devices, and they know they need a strategy…”

That strategy appears to be directing energies towards further development of cross channel and multiplatform campaigns that target consumers rather than devices.

Says Chad Gallagher, AOL’s Global Director for Mobile, “The biggest change we’re seeing is the move towards people-centric marketing… advertisers are saying, ‘We don’t necessarily care about the device, we care about driving results against people.’.”

Driving this shift is the continued growth in the use of mobile devices across all demographics as more consumers are increasingly connected through mobile, averaging slightly more than three devices. Leading this list are Millennials who average four, while those in the 65 and older bracket average two devices.

Since the type of device no longer defines the consumer, marketers are changing their approach, concentrating less on the device itself and more on delivering a consistently engaging and satisfying customer experience across the different channels at any time and in any location where the web is accessed in order to create a seamless connection across all devices.


eMarketer. “Digital Advertisers Focus on Holistic Customer Experience,” April 03, 2015.