By Seth Richtsmeier

Running a successful construction business is no walk in the park. It takes hard work and determination to execute challenging projects, while also putting in the hours to attract new clients. Marketing is essential to the success of your company, but with little to no experience in the field, it can be challenging to know how and where to start.

Here are 10 money and time saving ideas to generate new leads for your construction business.

1.   Build Your Brand

To create a winning marketing strategy for your construction firm, start with the basics – successful branding.

Creating strategic branding guidelines makes your contracting business look more professional and empowers you to form genuine connections with your audience. Building a professional brand doesn’t need to break the bank or take mass amounts of time. Consider the following elements to create a cohesive brand:

Logo. A strong brand typically has a memorable logo. Your logo should be a visual representation of what you want your construction company to be known for. Work directly with a designer or save time and money by designing one yourself using free tools such as Canva.

Slogan. What do you want your brand to say about your business? Dependable service? Quality workmanship? Carefully craft your message to reflect how you want your construction business to be perceived by consumers.

Colors and fonts. Select two or three complementary colors and fonts that reflect your business. Use them for your logo and throughout your marketing initiatives.

2.   Reach Your Audience on Social Media

Social media is a great place to connect with your clients and grow your audience. Pick two platforms to start (you don’t need to be active on them all) and use them to share images, videos, and articles. Position your brand as construction industry experts for consumers seeking contracting services. On Facebook, for instance, you can boost your posts with a set budget of your choice to expand your reach even further.

The benefit of social media is more than just affordable marketing. Successful entrepreneurs also use social media sites like LinkedIn to network with other professionals in their field or related industries. After all, you never know where your next construction lead may come from.

Need Help Getting Social?

See social media strategies for every size business.

3.   Maximize Your Client List

Just because a client’s construction project is complete, that doesn’t mean they won’t have additional needs down the road. Send follow-up emails to keep in touch with your client base by using strategic email marketing automation. Include an engaging call-to-action button such as “Get a free quote” to guide those people back down your sales funnel.

4.   Create a Branded Digital Experience

Your online presence as a construction brand is more than just your social media profiles and company website. It encapsulates any branded digital entity you may use to communicate with your customers.

To create a digital experience that truly impresses your audience, maintain consistent branding across all communication efforts. This includes estimates and quotes, email campaigns, appointment reminders, and invoices.

5.   Use a Sign at Job Sites

Proper signage can be affordable and go a long way in generating leads for your construction company. Not just at your headquarters, but also at the site of your projects.

Position a clear, legible sign on job sites to market your business to those passing by. Include your company name, logo, and basic contact information such as an email or phone number. Remember, simplicity is best. Make sure to not overcrowd the sign and ensure it can easily be read from a moving vehicle.

6.   Build a Professional Website

Consider your website your business’ digital fingerprint. Without an attractive and informative website, your target audience may not even know you construction service exists.

Create a website that’s easy to use and guides users to contact you and inquire about a quote or the services you provide. Include all pertinent contact information (email, phone number, address, social media handles, etc.), describe your services, show off past construction projects, and use short forms for quote requests.

7.   Optimize Your Website for the User

While an attractive website certainly makes a good impression on visitors, getting your website listed on the first page of search engine results should be a priority so your construction business is in front of your target audience (and ideally ahead of your competitors). This is where search engine optimization (SEO) comes in.

A few ways to optimize your website for SEO include:

  • Designing your website to be mobile-friendly
  • Using keywords such as “construction company,” “building contractors,” and “home remodeling” throughout copy and content
  • Publishing (or optimizing) high-quality content such as articles or blog posts
  • Focusing on the user experience by ensuring your website is easy to navigate

8.   Claim Your Google Listing

Help your construction company be found by claiming your free Google Business Profile listing. Not only does your Google My Business account share your business information with potential clients, but it’s also a ranking factor for local search (both organic listings and map listings) and can drastically improve your visibility in search results.

9. Create a Referral Rewards Program

Bring in new business by creating a program that rewards existing and past clients for referring their friends and family members to you. You could offer discounts on future construction services, gift cards to local businesses, or Amazon credit. A solid referral program can help generate new leads for years to come without having to do much besides continuing to provide great service.

Through Thryv’s customer relationship management and text & email support, all you need to do is input the referral details you want to share, set a schedule, and our software will do the rest. Customers may just need a nudge to talk to their family and friends about you.

10. Request Reviews from Happy Customers

Your online reputation is extremely important, which is why making an effort to acquire positive reviews and testimonials can’t be overlooked. You can take reviews from Google and Yelp, for instance, and repurpose them for marketing initiatives like social media posts and email campaigns.

To turn happy clients into great advocates for your construction business, make the review process as easy as possible. When you reach out to people, provide easy-to-follow directions, include direct links to your Google My Business listing, Yelp page, or Facebook business profile.