So you’ve heard all the talk about Facebook and what it can do for your business, but you’re not exactly sure what steps to take to get started. Well, look no further. Below you will find a beginners guide for getting your business up and on to Facebook.

Note: before you get started, be sure collect all of your important business information and details. Details like: business name, phone number, address, ZIP code, website address, fax number (yes, they still exist), hours of operation, etc. You will also need a few photos. An image of your logo and a large photo of something your company does or work you have done should do the trick.

Creating the Facebook page:

(This post assumes you already have a Facebook user account, if you don’t, Facebook will allow you to create one during the Page Setup process.)

  • Go to the Facebook Page creator
  • Select your type of business and fill in the basic business information
  • Add your profile photo (an image of your logo usually works well for this)
  • Complete the “About” section by adding your description, web site links, business type
  • Add your “Cover Image” by clicking the “Change Cover” button in the header. Use a photo of your business or of the work you’ve done.
  • Select your vanity URL or address (Example:[yourbusinessname], for reference, ours is

That’s it. Your page has now been created, but hang on a second. The work is just getting started, because right now the only person who knows about the new page is you.

Let’s change that.

Promoting your Facebook page

Promotion of your new page is extremely important. While there is some value in having a page on Facebook without Fans, it’s way better to have an audience of your customers to engage with.

Promoting within Facebook

  • Use Facebook’s “Build Audience” feature on the Admin Panel – with this you can invite your Facebook friends to ‘like’ your page, or promote the page to your email contacts. In addition you have the option to “Share” the page to your personal timeline.
    • Inviting your Facebook friends is a great first step to gain page awareness
    • Emailing contacts will allow you to use your current contacts list of (up to 5,000) and notify them about your new page
    • Sharing the page to your timeline helps give the page visibility to your current Facebook friends
  • For more likes and awareness, create an ad on Facebook
  • Promoted posts will also help to get your individual Facebook posts seen by more users

External Facebook page promotion

  • Offline or printed materials – add  the Facebook logo and a link (your vanity URL), where possible, to all printed marketing materials (business cards, letterhead, table tents, menus, print ads, banners, stickers, vehicle wraps, etc.)
  • Digital promotion – add the Facebook logo with a link to your web site, blog, social networking sites, email signatures, email marketing messages, and to any other web-based sites or accounts that you use to promote your business
  • “Like” Button – you can also substitute the logo mentioned above with the Facebook Like Button to your web site header or footer. The one-click like button is a very effective way to build your Facebook audience.

If you have any questions that you feel this post didn’t address, please leave them in the comments below.

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