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Herding Fleas: Website Content that Moves Pest Control Customers to a Sale

By | 08.07.15

Herding Fleas: Website Content that Moves Pest Control Customers to a Sale

Website Content for Pest Control CompaniesLet’s see how exterminator companies can deal with the modern “customer journey”, in other words, the buying decision for pest control work.

As Google points out in a recent study, internet search plus mobile phones make the buying decision process less like an orderly ant march and more like a flea hop. Consumers make decisions based on information gathered in short bursts of attention or “micro-moments”.

As a result, Google says, “…our expectations are high and our patience is low. This makes the quality, relevance, and usefulness of marketing more important than ever…Ultimately, the brands that do the best job of addressing our needs in each moment will win.”

So bottom line…you need some high quality, highly targeted content on your website that meets the needs of consumers at each stage of the sales journey in order to take your best shot at being considered and chosen.

Here’s how some smart pest management companies manage it:

Stage 1: Uh-oh, I Think I Got a Problem

Consumers at this stage have seen droppings or heard noises around the house and are in the early stages of freak out. They’re looking to become more aware of the problem and in the process, can become aware of your company. Try these content types:


See “Signs of Termite Damage” from Ehrlich, which gives a list of danger signs to look for around the house and yard. A live chat box to talk to an operator right away greets visitors to the site.


The Bed Bugs Rise Again” from Moxie Pest Control, gives an overview of bedbug problems and solutions.


See the Truly Nolen Pest Identifier, a photo gallery for consumers to compare to the bugs they see at home.


Steve’s Pest Control employees show how to check a bedroom for bedbugs.

Stage 2: OK, I Got a Problem. What’s the Solution?

Bye-bye denial, consumers are ready to face what must be done. And for today’s internet-empowered services shoppers, that likely means a deep dive into costs, alternatives, safety, effectiveness and other issues. As in phase one, by offering content to answer their questions, you are also getting your company into consideration.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Pages

Very targeted and relatively easy to write – just think of the questions customers ask you most often. See examples from GC Termite, Best Care Fumigation and Payne Pest Management


This well-executed Termite Treatment Cost Estimator from Pest Quest gives a rough estimate based on what the customer enters for house size, signs of termites and other data, and displays the estimate with a pitch for a no-obligation home inspection by the company.

Niche Topic Articles

Consumers are now digging down to understand their special needs, looking for articles like “Tenting with Infants and Children” from Orkin.

Stage #3: Who Am I Gonna Call?

At this point, the potential client is making a shortlist of pest control companies to hire or at least invite out for an estimate.

Price Sheets

EcoElite Pest Control takes an unusually transparent approach by detailing prices for various jobs on its site.

Services Pages

Spell out in detail your techniques and capabilities, like this page from Steve’s Pest Control discussing heat treatment for bedbugs.


Reassure potential clients they’re making the right decision with a page of customer endorsements like this example from Greener Texas.

Stage #4:   I’m Ready to Buy!

Your persuasive content has obviously done its job by this point but there is one more opportunity.

Upsell Explainer

No exterminator company website should be without a pitch for an annual service contract because pests are forever, as EcoElite reminds customers.

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