This year as we created Thryv’s top small business blogs, we took cues from some of the most famous marketing and branding experts in the world … and shared what you can learn to level up your small business.

Here are our editor’s 10 favorite blogs of the year:

Stop Flying by the Seat of Your Pants

When it comes to running your business, you’ve got the actual work down pat, but what about the business of running a business? If you’re still learning as you go, you may feel like you’re flying by the seat of your pants. Which isn’t good for your mental health or your bottom line. Here are some ways you can gain control. READ MORE

Taylor Swift — Master of Rebranding

When it comes to running her mega pop-star business, Taylor Swift is the master of reputation management, active listening and forecasting. In celebration of her upcoming album “Midnights,” we fill in some “blank space” and learn how you can apply her approach to your business’s brand. READ MORE

Do You Speak Google? 8 Terms Every Small Biz Needs to Know in 2022

Small businesses have a few big tasks to tackle so customers can find them online. One of their first action items is mastering their Google Business Profile. But before we get too far ahead of ourselves, let’s define some key terms every small business needs to know. Then, you can put in the back-end work so you can get better results on Google search. READ MORE

Is Cash Still King? Or Will Digital Payments Replace Cash?

With the digital push of 2020, cash usage declined. The surge in contactless payments and the fact that it’s still at an all-time high left many questioning: Will digital payments replace cash? READ MORE

How to Convince Your Boss to Buy Software

You know you need help. And you know there’s a piece of software out there that can help you. Problem is, you don’t control the purse strings. So how do you get the funds for technology that would help not only you, but improve how work gets done in your organization? To successfully convince your boss to buy technology, make sure you’ve checked off the following. READ MORE

5 Ways to Attract Talent in the Great Recession

It’s still here — the Great Resignation. A recent survey from consultancy PwC says one in five workers globally is extremely or very likely to switch employers in 2022. So how can small businesses compete against larger businesses with more resources? We’ve compiled five ways you can attract top talent in a fierce hiring marketplace. READ MORE

The Ultimate 2022 Social Media Image Sizes Guide

Having the right social media image sizes is step one for a clean and polished profile. In addition to making your brand look its best, having the right size for your photos ensures the entire image is seen and helps boost engagement. We’ve made this easier than ever for you with The Ultimate 2022 Social Media Image Sizes Guide. READ MORE

The All-Time Worst Technology Predictions for Small Business

From the introduction of the internet, to Google to remote shopping, here are the biggest face-palm-worthy failed predictions when it comes to embracing technology — especially for small businesses. READ MORE

How to Lose a Good Employee in 10 Ways

These days, great employee engagement and retention are vital for long-term small business success. In this blog, we offer 10 quick ways to lose a good employee, inspired by the Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey classic. READ MORE

How the Grateful Dead Mastered Marketing

In a time of peace, free love and rock ‘n’ roll, the Grateful Dead was writing the proverbial book on marketing. The band’s greatest hits foretold today’s emphasis on consumer experience, personalized engagement and community building. Years later, we’ve learned the secrets to the group’s success and how its strategies can be applied to today’s digital and social media marketing tactics. READ MORE

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