In the past, very few small businesses took advantage of DIY marketing and advertising. Instead they opted for traditional methods like ads in local papers and other local advertising vehicles. Facebook’s advertising tools have changed all that for many. In fact, the company reports that over a million advertisers use the platform in a given month and only a small number are large companies like Coca-Cola and Ford.

Take for instance, Kay Martinovic who owns a consignment shop in Ormond Beach, Florida. Recently, she paid a mere $40 to have her store’s ad show up in fans’ newsfeeds. That small sum paid big dividends and as a result, she sold $700 worth of goods – and before lunchtime.

“After 12 years in business, what Facebook has allowed me to do is reach people wherever I want,” Martinovic says. “People are now contacting us from everywhere.”

The benefits to small companies don’t end there. In an effort to help advertisers get more out of the tools, Facebook recently formed its first Small and Medium Business Council. Modeled after its client council, the SMB Council is comprised of 12 representatives from small and medium businesses, including Martinovic, who will meet to advise Facebook on the development of their tools.


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