In the latest episode of ThryvLive, our product team really dug in to how Thryv users can create Thryv Packages. This new feature allows them to sell services in bundles, collect payment up-front and build customer loyalty. This Facebook Live was first presented to our High Thryvers group.

In this Facebook Live, you’ll learn how to:

  • Create a package, step-by-step
  • Include offers and special prices
  • Customize the package’s timeframe
  • Choose the package options that work for you
  • Mix and match services within a package
  • Promote Packages to your customers
  • Offer Packages so that clients can redeem them
  • Manage all payments and receipts for packages and notifying customers

What’s New in the App Market

We also take users through the latest in Thryv’s App Market and show how easy it is to integrate your favorite business apps with Thryv’s centralized database. We cover:

  • New apps that will be added soon, like Clover, Quickbooks Desktop and Gmail
  • How to integrate apps, such as Quickbooks Online
  • Making requests for additional apps available on Thryv
  • How to get automatic notifications when new apps are available

To get all the details, please watch the video below: