Have you ever stopped to consider the secret side of social media? Beyond the TikTok dances, Facebook posts and comments, there’s a hidden gem that could change how you approach customer support.

People use social media for more than just entertainment and brand exploration; they also seek customer support through this platform. Recognizing this shift in expectations is key for small businesses.

Here are some tactics when responding to customers who air their grievances on a public platform.

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The Guide to Winning More Business Online


Why Customers Turn to Social Media Platforms for Customer Support

Convenience is the key factor here as to why customers are turning to social networks to get their issues resolved.

Think about it. Sending a tweet or a message is simpler than finding a phone number, waiting on hold and being transferred to the correct person. Customers want quick responses, not a busy signal.

In fact, “64% of customers would rather send a message than call a business.”

Another reason consumers turn to social platforms is because they want their issues heard and resolved quickly. By commenting in a public setting, they’re putting pressure on you, and how you respond is crucial. Your other followers are observing how quickly and kindly you resolve the problem.

This can have a significant impact on how they perceive your brand’s commitment to customer service.

How to Provide Good Customer Service on Social Media

Rather than panic while deleting negative comments, here are some tools to tackle customer service issues when they pop up.

Keep Eyes on Your Social Channels

Find an easy way to monitor social channels all in one place so you’re not wasting time logging into each one individually or bouncing between tabs. Aside from being a time saver, you’ll be less likely to miss a comment.

Respond Quickly and Sincerely

Answer back as swiftly as you can with a genuine apology. For example:

  • “We’re normally known for our speedy and professional service, so we hate that we let you down.”
  • “Our company strives to deliver top-notch customer service so we regret that we missed the mark.”

If you don’t think you did anything wrong, you can say:

  • “We’re sorry we didn’t meet your expectations.”

Offer a Private Resolution

Lastly, if you notice you’re going back and forth with a customer in the comments, take it offline. No need to give your followers a front row seat to brewing drama. Provide a direct phone number, email or DM them privately so you can resolve the issue privately.

  • “Thanks for sharing your concerns, please call us at 555-555-1234 or send us an email at [email protected] so we can get this issue resolved.”

These private conversations are also helpful when rectifying the issue comes with a free service offer.

In social media, it is paramount to address customer service issues directly rather than deleting negative comments. This saves time and maintains your brand’s reputation as responsive and customer-focused, ensuring a good customer experience.

Using Social Networks for Enhanced Customer Service

Using social networks for customer service in addition to your regular content and creative ideas aids in building trust and brand awareness. Not only with the customers you help but also potential customers who witness the interaction. Meaning: You get a chance to look professional and courteous in front of everyone online.

Social media is, after all, a place where people go to connect with others, so it’s only natural that consumers use it as an outlet for customer service needs. If you’d like more ways to impress customers online, get our guide to winning more business online.

The Guide to Winning More Business Online

The Guide to Winning
More Business Online

Want customers to find you online? A website is not enough.