Dr. Gaby Edery, D.C.

Thryv has helped to organize my practice and keep my appointments and client information in one place.

Business Problems

Dr. Gaby Edery’s passion is helping his patients feel their best. He struggled with running his chiropractic practice efficiently and keeping things organized. He realized it wasn’t just his clients that needed an adjustment! He needed a better way to run his business.

From managing all his appointments in a paper planner to lacking the ability to communicate with clients efficiently, Dr. Edery sought an all-encompassing solution to operate his practice easier. 


Scheduling and Appointments

No longer confined to the paper pages of his planner, Dr. Edery and his staff can now see and manage all patient appointments easily from their desktop or phones. His patients receive helpful automatic reminders and have the power to reschedule or cancel their appointments as needed.

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Dr. Edery and his staff can now effectively organize and access their client communications. All patient conversations, past and upcoming appointments, and historical conversations are stored and accessible within Thryv's CRM.

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As his business continues to grow, Dr. Edery can quickly notate and safely store critical patient details for himself and his staff within Thryv. This provides a more seamless experience to his patients and team alike. He can now engage with and nurture his patients like never before.

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Dr. Edery has been able to maximize and make the most of his time, allowing him to further invest in his business and himself.

Thryv has given him the tools he needs to:

  • Nearly eliminate missed appointments and no-shows with help from Thryv’s Automatic Reminders.
  • Organize and manage appointments easily online.
  • Manage all patient communications in a single inbox, while safely storing and providing access to patient details in one place.

Dr. Edery can now feel confident that he is managing his business efficiently and is positioning himself as the clear choice for those seeking patient-focused chiropractic care.

"It's not just that I am satisfied with the program and the software, but my patients are satisfied with it as well."

Dr. Gabriel Edery | Dr. Gaby Edery, D.C.

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