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Business Automation – A Broader Examination

Business Automation – A Broader Examination

By | 06.29.17
Business Automation – A Broader Examination

When we ask our local business owner clients what they struggle with most day-to-day, we hear an overwhelmingly common theme. Time. Everything takes time, and there’s never enough of it. That’s why this month, we’ve examined business automation and the many ways you can streamline one-off tasks for your local business.

We dove into marketing automation, social media automation, SEO options, and even the lesser-known content curation. All of these are strategies local business owners like you are using to save themselves time and a heck-of-a-lot of headaches.

Local Business Automation

But business automation doesn’t end there. Despite popular belief (and just flat-out common misconception), business automation is not the same thing as marketing automation. That’s because it doesn’t start with automating texts and emails and end with posting to your social media. Smart business automation includes a host of solutions that can help you, the local business owner, avoid repetitive tasks in multiple areas of your business. Tasks like:

  • Accounting
  • Handling customer payments and invoicing
  • Managing vendor relations
  • Scheduling and managing staff
  • Overseeing the sales process
  • Managing projects/jobs from start to finish
  • Customer support/service
  • (And marketing, of course)

Our guess is you’ve already invested in one or more automation solutions without knowing that’s exactly what you were doing.

Solutions Like…

Most businesses start with those business automation tools that revolve around money—using, for example, a Square credit card reader or PayPal payment management and perhaps Quickbooks to handle the rest.

The struggle here is that, while you could find a great solution for every single task listed above, doing so gets really costly, and frankly—overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Our recommendation is to find a solution, or a couple solutions (max), that can handle more than one area of your business. Anything you can do to avoid having to check in on multiple tools or dashboards each day will help save you the time you were missing in the first place.

Time to Start Somewhere

I know you’ve got some keen “spidey-senses,” so you can sense where we’re going with this. Our flagship business automation tool Thryv, formerly DexHub, can do most of the tasks listed above. Check us out by clicking the button below.

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Running your business is complicated these days

Let Us Simplify It

Running your business is complicated these days

Let Us Simplify It

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