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Small Business Saturday: The One Thing You Can’t Afford to Overlook

We recently shared our top tips for preparing for Small Business Saturday later this month, November 25. Top 5...

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Top 4 Marketing Tips to Gobble Up this Thanksgiving

The holiday season presents small business owners with a unique set of opportunities and challenges. With Thanksgiving right around...

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[Webinar] Small Business Hacks: 5 Must-Have Shortcuts to Success

Most entrepreneurs start a business because you believe you can do something better than the next guy. Not only...

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How to Launch a Podcast – The Marketing Magic behind Small Biz Podcasting

Should you launch a podcast? Well, the answer is likely yes, and for a variety of great reasons I...

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Rock Out to New Spotify Ads for Local Businesses

When we think about getting the biggest bang for a local business’s advertising buck, certain channels come to mind....

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Social Media Checklist: 6 Boxes to Check before You Finally Hit “Post”

Does your social media feel like it’s on autopilot? Maybe you don’t post regularly, haven’t posted in awhile, or...

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Prep for Small Business Saturday in 5 Easy Steps

With Small Business Saturday® 2017 a little over a month away, local business owners everywhere are clamoring to get in...

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The 411 on Snapchat Context Cards for Your Small Business

Earlier this month, Snapchat released its newest feature, Snapchat Context Cards. According to Snap Inc., Context Cards display additional...

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This Percentage of Small Businesses Have a Formal Business Plan

Let’s get right to it: It’s 33%. A recent survey revealed that around 33% of small businesses have a...

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How to Set Up Your Shiny New CRM in 3 Quick Steps

For the local business owners who choose to automate their marketing or communications, many start with a customer relationship...

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Getting Up Close and Personal with Proximity Mobile Payments

Time for a pop quiz, folks. Here we go: What do the following things have in common? Puppy dog...

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Credit Card Security and Customer Loyalty: Where the Two Intersect

According to eMarketer, 66% of internet users in the U.S. believe that when making a purchase, their credit card security is up to the retailer with whom they’re doing business. Translation? Business owners large and small are being put...

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