Customer Communication Platform

Increase sales with a customer communication platform

As a small business owner, you know the value of personal communication as you build relationships with customers. A recent McKinsey & Company study reports that 72% of consumers expect any company they do business with to recognize them as individuals and understand their interests. Companies that excel at personalized communications generate 40% more revenue than those that don’t1.

Yet, as your business grows and your client list expands, it’s a challenge just to maintain regular communication with customers, let alone keep up a personal vibe. That’s where the right customer communication platform can help. By collecting information in a central place and automating many tasks, the right solution can help you impress customers with personal conversations while minimizing the time you need to spend writing and sending messages.

Delivering end-to-end solutions for small business, Thryv offers a customer communication platform that lets you interact with customers more effectively while keeping communications super organized.

How to excel at customer communications

With the right customer communication platform, staying in touch with your customers doesn’t have to be a chore. Here are a few easy ways to impress clients with personalized messages.

Use first names in email and texts
Rather than leading with a general salutation like “Hello!” or “Hi there”, using the first name of your customer lets them know you see them as an individual. Using the customer’s first name in the subject line of an email can increase open rates by more than 25%2.

Send messages at milestones
Sending greetings on birthdays or anniversaries helps customers feel special – and encourage them to do more business with your company. In fact, birthday emails have 481% higher transaction rates and earn 342% higher revenue than standard email3.

Use history and tags to personalize content
Superior customer communication platforms will allow you to track purchase histories and tag each customer with information about their interests, activities and preferences. By collecting details about individuals, you can send messages to customers that are specific to their wants and needs. If your records show they purchase the same items every month, for example, sending a discount for an upcoming purchase is a great way to show how much you value their business. You can send promotional emails that target their specific interests, or messages with offers for new products and services based on their purchase history.

Write personal notes
Using the Notes section in a customer communication platform will allow you to write the occasional personal note that can help customers feel you really know them. For example, if your notes suggest that a customer prefers morning appointments, you can reference this when emailing to remind them that it’s time to book their next visit.

Thryv: a seriously powerful customer communication platform

Thryv provides management software for small business on a centralized platform with a single login. From social media and marketing to appointment booking and invoicing to managing your reputation online, Thryv lets you manage nearly every aspect of your business with greater efficiency and better organization.

As a customer communication platform, Thryv offers tools to engage your clients more effectively while keeping messages, texts and interactions more organized.

A centralized inbox
With Thryv, you can manage every conversation from a single inbox, receive text messages to your business phone number and handle all your communications from one place.

Client-specific threads
Within the Thryv inbox, you can view every interaction with the customer in a single thread, regardless of where it came from – email, text messages, Facebook Messenger or Google. That puts an end to constantly searching different platforms and devices to find the information you need. It also lets you communicate with customers on the channels they prefer.

Respond quickly
With all messages organized in one inbox and in a single thread, you can listen and respond to customers faster than ever before. You’ll also have visibility into customer interactions with your entire team, so you can see how everyone is contributing to the customer experience and decide when additional help may be needed.

Follow-up automatically
Thryv’s automated reminders and read receipts help you stay organized while ensuring that you don’t forget to follow up with customers in the future.

Additional customer communication solutions from Thryv

Along with customer communication management solutions, Thryv offers several additional solutions for improving interactions with customers.

Thryv’s customer relationship management (CRM) technology consolidates all your customer lists in a single location so you can find, filter, tag and track your contacts how you want.

Client portal
Thryv’s provides a secure, online portal for your business where customers can log in to schedule appointments, make payments, share documents or send messages.

Online appointment scheduling
Make your customer’s lives easier by giving them the option to book or request appointments any time, day or night. Online appointment scheduling also relieves your staff from having to play phone tag or answer calls throughout the day to schedule appointments.

Marketing automation
Automated, trigger-based marketing campaigns let you send personalized messages to the right customers at the right time – while minimizing the amount of effort required from you and your team.

A professional website
Give your online brand an upgrade by engaging Thryv’s in-house designers to build a small business website for your company. Along with professional copy and design and compelling calls to action, your site will be optimized to keep your business as visible as possible with top search engines.

Reputation management
Thryv’s online review management service notifies you as soon as customers post comments online and helps you reply to reviews within one business day even when you are too busy to handle it yourself.

Why choose Thryv?

From veterinary practices and boutiques to roofing companies and yoga studios, thousands of small businesses throughout the nation trust Thryv to manage their most important business functions. As a do-it-all business management platform, Thryv makes it easy to access the tools you need without needing to repeatedly log in to multiple apps and tools throughout the day. You can access your Thryv account from any location, on any device, putting business tools at your fingertips anytime you need them.

Thryv’s HIPAA compliant software, cutting-edge data encryption and customizable account access controls ensure that your patient, customer and business information is always safe and secure. Thryv integrates seamlessly with the tools you and your team already use – like QuickBooks, Gmail, Zoom, Stripe, PayPal and dozens of others – so you don’t have to abandon the workflow you are used to as you adopt powerful new tools on the Thryv platform.


Customer Communication Platform FAQs

Your customer communication platform questions, answered.

What is a customer communication platform?

A customer communication platform is a solution that streamlines and improves regular communication between businesses and customers.

What are the benefits of a customer communication platform?

A superior platform allows businesses to communicate with customers on the channels they prefer, including email, phone, text, chat, social media and more. A communication platform also collects information about customers and tracks interactions, enabling businesses to personalize communications and segment customers more easily.