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What Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up?

By Thryv Contributor | 08.17.10 | 4 min read

What Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up? Tampa Life Coach Helps Others and Herself Thanks to SuperYellowPages

TAMPA, Fla., Aug 17, 2010 (BUSINESS WIRE) — Even in today’s job market, you can land your dream job. You can double your salary. You can even travel the world. You can do all that – and more – but you probably can’t do it on your own. “I help people see possibilities and open new doors,” said Nancy Siegel, a 25-year veteran of resume writing, Certified Empowerment Life Coach and owner of Tampa-based Darin Career Services. “In today’s market, I meet with a lot of very depressed and despairing people. “Many of my clients come to me after they have been job searching for quite a while. Those people who still have their jobs when they first come in seem to be carrying the workload of two to three employees. Most people I see are very distressed, but when they leave my office, they’re more optimistic.”

Lucky for Tampa residents, Siegel has already found her dream job. “I love doing it because I think I really do have an impact on people’s lives. I am able to empower people to improve the circumstances of their daily work lives and their salaries. One individual doubled her salary in a single bound!” In her first year of business, Siegel relied on referrals to grow her business. But in her second year, she advertised in the Yellow Pages. She found her ad published in SuperMedia’s Verizon(R) SuperYellowPages brought in the most business. “As soon as I placed my ad in the SuperYellowPages, the calls started coming in. I’ve advertised every year since – and the number of calls keeps increasing.”

Siegel’s tactic is to dominate her section in the Yellow Pages and let people know that she provides a confidential, personal, one-on-one service. In addition to her ad in the SuperYellowPages, over the years her advertising has expanded to include, a SuperMedia-made website and SuperpagesDirect(R) direct mail. “My SuperMedia consultant is very knowledgeable and has guided me on how to maximize my exposure with my limited advertising dollars. He has definitely delivered more bang for the buck!” Siegel said. “I almost have more clients than I can handle – not that there’s ever ‘too many.’ My advertising has been very, very effective.”

In 2009, SuperMedia (NASDAQ:SPMD) – the advertising agency for local small- to medium-sized businesses across the United States and publisher of the SuperYellowPages – introduced a consumer service satisfaction guarantee – the SuperGuarantee(R) program. Siegel wasn’t sure what it was at first, but now loves that she’s backed by SuperGuarantee. Darin Career Services is not alone. Businesses throughout Tampa are reaping the rewards from SuperMedia’s SuperGuarantee. When consumers see businesses with the SuperGuarantee, like Siegel’s, they know they will get the job done right – or SuperMedia will step in and help make it right. If a consumer is not satisfied with the service provided by a participating SuperGuarantee business advertised in the SuperYellowPages, or SuperpagesDirect direct mail products, SuperMedia will work to resolve any issues or, if unable to resolve the issue, will reimburse the consumer up to $500 of the cost of labor for the service.* Siegel wants to help her clients make their dreams a reality. So what does Nancy give you to achieve that? Empowerment. “The best part is showing my clients how much they have to offer and that they are in control of their job searches. I provide them with the tools necessary so they don’t have to ‘settle,’ and they can find something that is going to be better than what they’re currently doing. I give people hope that they’re going to get out of their unemployment or unhappy employment situations.”

*Restrictions apply. For full details, see the Terms and Conditions for the SuperGuarantee program at

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