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Victory for Consumer Choice

By Thryv Contributor | 10.16.12 | 1 min read

Dex One has a long-standing commitment to promoting consumer choice, allowing consumers to customize the print directories delivered to doorsteps. The company offered choice to consumers in all the markets in which it distributes directories, including Seattle, long before the Seattle City Council imposed a directory distribution ordinance in 2010.  

Dex One has always believed Seattle’s ordinance was unnecessary since it imposed regulations to recreate a program that was already in place voluntarily.   Therefore, the company is pleased the Ninth Circuit Court has reached a unanimous decision to lift the ordinance and allow Dex One to help local businesses and consumers connect without unnecessary regulation.

The court decision is a victory for free speech and the rights of local business owners in the city of Seattle.  The Ninth Circuit correctly recognized Yellow Pages directories contain more than just advertising and should be afforded the same protections that newspapers and magazines enjoy today.   It stated: “Users consult phone books for a number of reasons, including finding business, government and…identifying businesses that provide a desired service or good, comparing goods and services available from multiple sellers.”

Dex One recognizes consumers want choices about how they access online information, so the company offers local search options in print and online at and  Dex One continues to invite residents of Seattle and anyone who receives Dex print product to provide their print directory delivery preferences online or by calling 866-60-MY-DEX.