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What Is the SuperGuarantee?

By Thryv Contributor | 07.18.11 | 1 min read

One of the newest and most innovative programs that SuperMedia has developed to benefit both business owners and consumers is the SuperGuarantee, which helps business owners prove the quality of their work and gives consumers peace of mind when they hire service-based businesses. Here are some of the prominent ways that the SuperGuarantee offers advantages to advertisers and consumers alike:

How the SuperGuarantee Benefits Business Owners

The main way that the SuperGuarantee benefits business owners is through helping them get more leads from consumers interested in their services. Consumers who hire a business with the SuperGuarantee shield in its ad are much more likely to trust that the professionals there to provide quality services, since the SuperGuarantee program offers financial peace of mind. Another way that the SuperGuarantee benefits business owners is by making it easier than ever to participate. Not only is enrollment in the SuperGuarantee program free to both businesses and consumers, but it is also available on multiple platforms, including all Verizon and Fairpoint Yellow Pages, on SuperMedia’s website,, and as part of the SuperPages app for smartphones.

How the SuperGuarantee Benefits Consumers

Probably the most prominent way in which the SuperGuarantee benefits consumers is by giving them the peace of mind they need when they decide to hire a local business. The program ensures consumers’ complete satisfaction with the services they receive and promises to reimburse consumers with as much as $500 for any unsuccessfully completed jobs. Consumers also have the opportunity to rate and write reviews about specific SuperGuarantee-supported businesses to help spread the word about any positive experiences they have had. Advertising a business and finding one with the SuperGuarantee is easy, since companies participating in the program have a yellow shield with a checkmark inside it as a part of their ad. After scheduling a specific job, all consumers need to do is visit and fill in the details about the job to register it. The SuperGuarantee is the perfect example of how various formats of the Yellow Pages connect local businesses with consumers who need their services. Not only can businesses receive more customers for no additional charge, but consumers can rest assured that any SuperGuarantee-backed company they hire will provide the highest quality of services.